I forgot to thank you all for voting me again the first one top 99 woman on the site top99women and also for the votes for the best blog of all time, best makeup blog, best hobby blog and the freakiest blogger. I was the winner but unfortunately it seems that http://bloggerschoiceawards.com/ is not a true site , they changed all the winners with other blogs (i guess they just make publicity for other sites that they weren't even participating at this contest).
 Anyways, until february i was the winner for 2011 and after that they changed everything, even the design of the site.
 I really apprecciate your votes and doesn't matter if i was the winner or not, i am thankful also for top99women but i think it's enough that i won 2 years, i don't want people to hate me for that :D so is not  necessary anymore to vote me again.