My beautiful girls...this is my first have the chance to win this dress (of course in your size) ...all you have to do is to follow me on my Facebook Page or, if you have Youtube , Twitter or Blogger it's even have more chances. You can find the rules in the  video.
I wish you Good Luck !!!!!!


Cleopatra said...

You are such a living doll, you totally look like haifa wehbe how is this possible?>
I surely want to participate to this contest

Sindy said...

You look like a diva, i hope to win this dress.
Totally fabulous

Mona said...

I really hoe i win this dress. It really is one of a kind. This is the best giveaway i have ever seen! I hope i win it :) My twitter name is: monii. Thank you for this amazing giveaway. I really do appreciate it1 Much love/Mona

Tammy said...

This is such a beautiful dress,,, I would love to win it.. Now following you of course on GFC


Shels415 said...

Such a gorgeous dress! Would like to be entered! Following through GFC!


Fashion.MakeUp.LifeStyle said...

Gorgeous dress and of course do enter me!! Following through Facebook, Blogger and YouTube!!

BTW: I have a new Facebook Fan page and would love for you to like it. Here's the link doll.

And WOW you look STUNNING!!

<3 Marina

Déborah-alana said...

Hi, beautiful dress :* kisses and following your blog

Elly said...

I love this dress! Just followed on GFC and twitter (@elly_fan) and fanned on fb :)

Sam said...

Hi dear, thanks so much for stopping by. You have a lovely blog!

Magdalena said...

Its such a pleasure to leave a comment for a fist time, specially since you personally will see it. When I first saw your blog you had barely dissapeared from the cyber world. It is a very Beautiful dress. It very much compliments the hourglass shape of a body and adds a bit of passion while drawing attention.

But most likely I won't win it since there is much more beauty that radiates among others.
I'm just another girl.

God Bless. c:

Valentina Coco said...

bloglovin follower

Bonnie said...

Great giveaway! You look so beautiful.
Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Lynn said...

This is such a great giveaway! I really need to get a facebook page :), I am following through GFC.


Jewellery Bijou said...

Wow you look beautiful!great giveaway!

Fabiana said...

come and win a LOTUS MENDES ring

Victoria Beckham said...

You look absolutely amazing jardelle,i want to partecipate in your contest....btw you look so much like haifa wehbe

Katy said...

I love reading your blogs, you give women some really great ideas and thank you for being so down to earth and sharing your tips and secrets, and sharing your fashion inspirations.

Morton said...

You look like a diva, i hope to win this dress. Totally fabulous