The most expected event of the month (after the ressurection of my Lord) is finally here.
Today i make 16 years old :D ........... i don't want to get older than that.
I hate parties so i will have just a meeting with close friends and family at a restaurant.
I thank God for giving me the life and i thank Him for everything i have.
I took this post from another blogger ,you can check the original source here:
 Hahaha this is so funny, i am a fan of XiaXue but i've never realised the similiraties between us.So i will re-post this article.

 I love both of these girls but what i love the most are the similarities between them. So let's get started:

-They both own a blog and a youtube profile
-They are both popular
-They are both born on 28 april
-They both like to photoshop their pictures
-They are both controversial because of their frankly way of speaking
-They both own a bunny
-They both wear false lashes and contact lenses
-They are both accussed of having plastic surgeries
-They both have a husband/ friend who looks soooo similarr

You can love them, you can hate them but one thing is sure ....they know how to win our attention.

                                                            Xia Xue's husband

                                                                   My friend

I have some products received from some companies in order to review them, i promise i will review them as soon as possible.

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 My dear Lord i want to thank you for making Yourself human and for showing us a real exemple of how we should behave, before You people could just imagine and dream about the divinity,now,thanks to You we know how is God and we know He loves us so much that He gave You-His Son(part of the divinity) to be killed and to be humiliated.....for us,the sinners.

 Thank You for leaving us the Holy Bible,without it we could not know your Word and how You are for real.

 Thank You for all the miracles we have in christianity-You know we are flesh and blood and sometimes we need signs from heaven in order to strengthen our faith and to wake up from this earthy life. Miracles are the proof that You exist and our faith is true.

Thank You for STILL giving us the holy fire from Jerusalem. In this pagan world,you still make this miracle for us-the orthodox christians.

 Thank You for our orthodoxy and for all the saints and martyrs we have. They give us hope and they are a living exemple that humans can become like angels.

Today,at church i realised how much all these gifts help me in my struggle for faith. Without them i would be empty and nothing can fulfill me more than my faith in Jesus Christ-the Messiah,the One promised to the world.

I want to wish a happy Easter to all my orthodox sisters and brothers all around the world!

Rejoice! Jesus is alive, He was victorious over death,He is the hope of the world....we are not alone,we have somebody who gave His life for us.
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 I know i wrote about my bunny that is a girl...He is not :( ...i made this discovery when i wanted to hug him and i saw two biiiiigggg pink testicles....OMG i was so dissappointed, i first thought it's a tumor because i've never seen bunny testicles and i've never thought such cute animals can have such uglyyy I was sure my bunny is perfect but now with those pink testicles i don't know what to say anymore...Of course i love him,he is still my son...:D

 I don't know why he loves that blue box so much, the box is for his food but he loves to cabin in it,it's obvious it's smaller than his body, i even gave him another blue box ,much bigger but he still prefers to stay in that.