Hello again my dear readers, as you can see i'm back....:)

 I know about the bad words written on my Facebook Page by one of my "friends", i don't want to comment about this nor to offend back. I've learnt to be very tolerant with my enemies because i know behind every offense,there is a a lack or a sin in their soul so i leave them to realease themselves...

I have a favorite saying: "Keep your friends close and your enemies closer".

 My "dear" friend" Lo Curcio wished and still wishes to see me in jail because of an ex mobster who is not just my friend,he's a COMMON FRIEND who helped him a lot but he's not enough brave to tell him(and to me) everything he has to say face to face, he's using my Facebook Page ..i found this very childish.

  It's something quite common to know a mobster, from doctors,to politicians like Berlusconi and lots of celebrities have friends who are part of the italian Mafia,they are everywhere and they look so normal that you can barely imagine who they are for real. Mister friend Lo Curcio hoped i will get stoned for this but i'm sure people are enough wise to understand it's not the end of the world to be friend with a Mafia guy.

 I don't limit my friendships to girls like me to talk all day long about the latest makeup products, i prefer to be surrounded by people with experience and a story to tell, who have power to help me if i need their help. That's why it happens to know also not so good people ( for the society) but good for me.

  It's still a mystery for me why people of the Mafia have so much faith in God, they believe in His word but they don't respect it. But who completeley does it? No one.
 So for me it's no difference between a big siner and a little sinner if they both love God. Do you know what God says about the big sinners? When a sinner turns back to God, in heaven it's much more happiness than when a saint enters heaven.

 I think i'm man best friend...yeah,exactly like a dog. For me friendship is a big word and if i find out that my friend or my boyfriend is a mobster, i don't run like a coward but i take his hand and together will try to make him a better person. That doesn't mean i support the Mafia. I don't support it and i'm not afraid of it because i'm not afraid of death. But i can support a person of the Mafia in his hard struggle with life because it's not an easy thing to be a mobster (sometimes you have no choice).

 Nobody can know about who will save his soul and who not. Many of the mobsters have found their faith in prison where they have all the time to read the Holy Bible, some have faith before to get arrested. For exemple, "The Beast", the way he is called -Bernardo Provenzano , the worst of the Mafia leaders used to read the Bible and to underline his favorite passeges. Here is a picture with his Bible:

 Even if i had many problems,especially with my psychic , i felt very peaceful and happy with myself because i gave all my attention to God. I realised a human can have the worst burdens, if he has faith , he can be the happiest in the world and, most of the time, it happens for people to have everything but to be sad. That's because is missing somebody in their life...their Lord.

 I hope to continue this blog but i don't want it to become a sin for me. My life has changed drastically in the last 8 months and i don't want this blog to replace my time dedicated to God. Facebook and internet can easily become addiction without even to realise that; just after this long pause i realised i spent too much time in vain concentrating on writing on my blog, taking pictures,answering to comments,etc.

 So please don't get upset if i answer you too late,i will limit my time for internet because real life is more important than anything and again I say internet is very deceitful and can easily steal your soul.

 I wish you a good day and i hope i did not dissapointed you ! :(