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"Benefits of Peach for Skin

Peach benefits for skin are mainly attributed to the presence of alpha-hydroxy acids (abbreviated as AHAs). They serve as natural exfoliating agents and help in getting rid of dead skin cells from the face. After removal of debris and inactive cells, new cells will develop to replace the old ones. This brings about a smoother, softer and lighter skin tone. In addition, peach contains anti-inflammatory agents to counteract skin inflammation symptoms. Overall, it benefits in improving skin health by combating clogged skin pores, wrinkles, blemishes, sun spots, irritation and infections. "

"Benefits of yogurt for Skin

While most people have heard about the benefits of eating yogurt, they may not realize the many benefits it offers their skin. Yogurt's antibacterial properties make it a useful, degerming cleanser, and its lactic-acid content soothes irritation, clarifies the pores and softens the skin. Finally, yogurt is known for its probiotics (live, active cultures), which are helpful in naturally treating skin conditions such as acne and eczema."

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Since i wrote the article "How is more nice: baby face or sexy face" ,i observed many  keywords searched by my visitors like: "how to have a baby face? , " i have a baby face,how to look more sexy?" So ,i see people are not happy with their looks, maybe they find the baby face too immature and innocent and they want to be more attractive while women with sexy faces want to look sweeter and more childish.
 I don't think anybody can transform her face with makeup but i can give you some tips. I have to mention also some keywords searched by men asking if women like men with baby faces and if they consider them sexy.  Well,for men i can't give any makeup tips but i can say there are women who prefer this type of men,so don't worry :D ...diversity is always welcome.

 So,for the ladies....

 How to look more baby face
 To know how to do that ,you have to look at kids. Everything is more about the cheeks : they are rounded and puffy. If you don't have big cheeks use a white foundation (as much as your skin permits you to do that) and don't try to sculpt your cheek bone with bronzers or anything dark. You can leave it simple or use a pink or peach colour as a blush. You will look very fresh and young.
 Don't contour your eyes in the inner corners ,just draw a line on the inferior eyelid until the middle and also on the superior eyelid. Use a white pencil on the inner lid. Use light eyeshadows : pink,beige,orange,etc. Don't use dark grey ,brown or black. Apply mascara or you can add false lashes. Apply natural lipstick or gloss in pink,soft red,peach or orange. Don't use golden,silver ,dark colours.
 The eyebrows must be thick or natural looking. It's a rule about this: thick eyebrows make you look younger while thin eyebrows make you look older and sexier (or also vulgare).
 NOTE: my "baby makeup" was applied by mistake  on the thin eyebrow half of face

You can try blue contacts : they will completely change your look and make you look sweeter.

 How to have a sexy face
 You can use bronzers and also sculpt your cheek bones with a brown blush and completely contour your eyes with black. Lengthen your eyes with a  dark eyeshadow.
 Use lipsticks in red ,garnet or even nude. If you like this style,you can outline your lips with a lip pencil.

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