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 It's very easy to give the impression of big lips with the help of a lipliner and a lipstick(glosses make them look even bigger).This will make them look voluminous and full.If you really want big lips,it's no need to fill them with who knows what lip injections that can harm your health and that look so fake(maybe in some pictures also mine look kind of fake,but in reality they look normal -i mean they don't have the impression of lip injections)...Leaving them natural and playing with makeup,you can choose the shape  you want for your lips and you can get rid of this look with a simple movement.
 I'm a lipliner addicted,i started using it at 13 years old and i don't know if i will ever renounce at it...i defetead the teachers,my young age,the fashion trends but my liner it's still on my lips.:D
 P.S: The step 2 is missing,i know ,it's because i passed at step 3 and i forgot about 2.

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 An old italian style with some modern influences ....

 This is the style i love the most and i always wear it, i think from all the styles ,this one represents me the best. Viva l'italia !!!


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 This style does not represent me but i found this skirt in the closet and i thought to take some pictures because i find it pretty interesting.

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