For the modern arab music lovers,i reccomend this lebanese singer- Amar ,i think she has very nice songs and i'm sorry that people are focusing just about her ressemblance with Haifa Wehbe instead of her music. I don't think she is a copy cat ,it's just that she is a sweet beauty,same as Haifa and they kind of look alike.
 I like that she is very modest and a little shy and that gives her a special charm.
 Amar is now a mother ,she has a little boy -Jimmy.
  I hope she will use also her second name because it's hard to find something about her just searching for Amar -which means beautiful....most of the people know her as Amar-the lebanese singer.
I love her album Helwa,i like all her songs and every song could be a hit. Check it out !
 This is one of her romantic songs:

You can see her here in a TV show:


Sabrina said...

Wow she's so gorgeous♥

Julliany kotona said...

Acredite em você mesmo!

pois é só você que pode se auto julgar. ouse, arrisque e nunca se arrependa. nao desista jamais e saiba valorizar quem te ama, esse sim merece seu respeito. quantoo ao reestoo ???
Booom , ninguem nuunca precisou de resto pra ser feeliz .

Tenha uma linda noite,bjos de uma amiga!

Cynthia Fox-Giddens said...

She's beautiful! I like the romantic song and her voice is nice. Great post.

Dewanti Primayani said...

wow she's pretty :)

Kassandra said...

Hi! Your blog is just amazing! I am now following!!! Follow me?

Giulia Sulis said...

Beautiful eyes!!!

A Heel in Mint said...

She is beautiful!

Heel in Mint

Anonymous said...

I am a film director. I have been extremely impressed by Amar's performance in the music video of Kal yaani. To me there is no female star who has played sensuality & romantism so well as her. This performance is very rare, and when as said above that she is shy, well she must be in my opinion a very very good actress to be able to play so well. And I perfectly agree that she is NOT like Haifa, she is quite original on the contrary, and especially very natural. If anybody has her contacts, I would be very grateful if you could let me have it because I'd like to cast her in a film, or even write a film based on her character. Thank You.
Dany Adjodhya
Film Director