Start with a  scrub with sugar,this will help to remove the dead skin.

The rough texture of the sugar peels away the dry and dead skin cells on the surface layer of the skin, revealing the smooth and healthy skin underneath.

 After the scrub,you can apply the mask.Maybe for some is not very usual,but i thought we all know to do the common masks with honey  or yolk so i wanted to share something new.

 This mask is very good to clean out clogged pores ,remove the spots and dead skin ,to control the sebum and to keep your face uniform and hydrated.

 The parsley invigorates your complexion,whitenes and hydrates it.
 The wheat bran is popular for it's healing and calming proprieties.
 The lemon whitens the skin ,is astringent,heals the acnee ,removes freckles,etc.
 The brewer's yeast kills bacteria associated with acne. It also promotes production of some white blood cells, which helps to clear problem skin and keep it healthy.

 Mix all together and apply it on your face.You can add water or milk to create a paste.
 Let the mask for almost 15 minutes and rinse with warm water.

 The colour of my face was white,in this picture it looks darker because i had to take the picture without flash in order to distinguish my lips. With flash they looked too white- like the skin.
Dramatic makeup

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 Every time i wash my hair,i use to cover it with a normal towel .Because my hair is long, the water from the hair flows on my nape and in the morning i always wake up cold or with my throat inflamated so my friend bought me this hair towel from Holland that i find it very useful .

 P.S: Please ignore my wardrobe,i opened the door because i realised my camera makes better pictures when i have a colourful background and i also wanted to satisfy my mum who always threatens me that she will post pictures on internet  with the mess of my wardrobe. :)

 I did this food when i was alone at home and i wanted to have fun (for me eating is fun :D) and to eat something special invented by me,a combination of meat with something sour so i did this,i don't know how is the correct way of cooking meat with oranges ,but this is the way i did it..
 P.S : add the juice of burnt sugar on the meat . I took the pictures before to add it but you can see it in the last picture .

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  Yesterday i had a horrible experience with my sister cat. She brought it to stay for a couple of days to my house,we knew she is very wild and aggressive and you can't play or touch her but we got used with it. My mum was the most afraid of her and for me that was too funny because i said how can you be afraid of a cat?

 Yesterday while she was in bed ,the cat tried to attack my dog and mum tried to defend him and the cat jumped on her like a posessed creature making so weird sounds and continually scratching and biting her. Omg when mum started to scream i jumped from the chair like a crazy and i started to scream too and to run to her because the sounds were awful and i didnt' know how i will find her: full of blood,with her face smashed,etc. It was frightening because it wasn't just a scratch ,the cat acted exactly like a pitbull who attacks and does not let you go anymore until he kills you...about this i was afraid because i have already seen 2 or 3 scenes with pitbulls who attack other dogs on the street and it's terrible to see an innocent dog screaming, full of blood and the pitbull with his teeth on the dog neck. Thanks God,i was at home otherwise i don't know what would have happen to my mum because if i wasn't there to take the cat away of her,i think mum would have died or by the cat or by heart attack. After i took her and threw her away,she started to jump on me too so i think she was thirsty of blood. Then,she hidden herself under the sofa and when my mum tried to walk near of her ,she started to make again weird a demon...she was ready for a new attack.
I knew about some women killed by cats and i know they are are strange animals and that made me even more afraid of what could have happen.

 So this was her last day in a house , after 8 years my sister with her boyfriend took the decision to renounce at her so they left her on the street..They first wanted to give her to somebody else but after this attack they changed their mind. :(

 Everybody cried when they took her....even mum :(...because you feel like you abandon your kid....your bad kid.

 Today at church it was an old beggar who was continually looking back outside the church. In the beggining, i was disturbed because he was in front of me and i couldn't concentrate at the liturgy,then he started to change his place from one to another,he hidden himself behind people,etc. I didn't know what's wrong with him until i looked back too and i saw outside it was the police who was searching and picking up the beggars, then i understood why he was hiding like that,i really felt so much mercy for him...:(

  A man gave him an important sum of money and when he took them from his pocket,a few cents felt down on the ground,the beggar took them and screamed after him to give him the money but he didn't hear so the beggar waited him until he came out of the church and he wanted to return him the lost money :).( of course the man didn't take them,it was something insignificant for him) ..i was impressed by his onesty,it's rare to see beggars like that,manyt of them serve themselves from your pocket without a regret and this man thought to return back a few cents to a rich man...

 Most of us send the beggars away if they come to speak with us,we are afraid of them ,we consider them different than us but there are so many beggars who had been normal people like us,i really know some sad stories about teachers or people with important career who ended up in the street : maybe because of a mental disease-their kids abandoned them and took their house,or they have been cheated and they lost their house,etc . You can't know how your life changes in a second and you loose everything...beggars are normal people ,with a past,with a soul...but unfortunately unlucky and hard to be accepted by society.

 May all the knees bow down in front of the Lord same as this ill woman.

 This is one of my barbie doll inspired look ..i think i will do more like this...
 The perfume i chose for this look is Just Cavalli Her .
 And the hair is brushed a lot to look like this....i'm sorry that my camera does not show the real colour of my hair-in some pictures it looks brown