These are the books bought by me that i'm always re-reading them with pleasure.Of course,now i read more online but a real book is much more valuable.. In my library you will not find something else othar than religious books. If i'm trying to read a novel,i always think : do i know everything about christianity? And the answer is no,of course. So how can i spend my time reading something that is not even real and is just the invention of the author? I feel does not help me in any way.
 Of course,i have my moods when i want to escape from this reality and to project myself into other world so i read novels. I always live what i read and when i close the book and return to reality,i feel like i want to go back and live with those characters.

 The queen of my library is of course the Holy Bible. I read it again and again and i always learn something new.It's amazing,it will completely change your life ( The Holy Bible deserves a special article,so i will write more about that in another post).I have many Bibles but this one is special because my mum found it thrown in a garbage.Even if she's not religious,she took it ,sometimes people who seem they don't have faith in God,show more respect for Him than many believers. I love this book as an abandoned child..

The Holy Angels is a book written by a nun,converted to orthodoxy. It's very interesting to read about all the angelic apparitions in the Old and New Testament.

Cleopa is speaking to us is the first pure orthodox book that opened my heart and my eyes and made me to fight more with temptations and to start to have a clean mind without any negative and sinful thought. I've learnt how to pray for real and how to feel the love of God in my heart. Has been an amazing period ,but i have fallen again....

Steps to Salvation is a theological book about the Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ ,very interesting and well documented. For who does not love theology,might be hard to understand it.

Just the facts of love last is written by an orthodox serb,it's kind of hard to read it's translation because the phrases are so long that you can loose the sense but you can find interesting things about how to be strong in faith,about fear,egoism,how to help your neighbour and how to be devouted to God.

The future in the light of the prophecies -I love this book because i love the biblical prophecies about the future.It analyzes the future of the christians and of Israel based on the Bible. Many of the prophecies have already been fulfilled. That's amazing and frightening...

The life of the Virgin Mary contains facts that you might don't know about the Mother of Christ. There is a Gospel -The Gospel of Jacob that is not included in the Bible because it's not inspired by the Holy Spirit but that does not mean it's not a true book.

Serghei Nikolaevici Lazarev books I've read 6 or 7 of his books,the first i started it when i was 14 years old,these are the books that have changed me and have made me to practice christianity,not just to believe in it.I don't have them anymore,they can completely change your life because it's about amazing true facts and experiences of life  but,step by step you will realize they contain some practices against christianity (most of them derived from yoga) so,if you are truly interested in christianity then it's better for you to pass at the next level and read pure christian books. I mean take what is good from Lazarev but then read pure christianity.I would describe these books as the initiator of me to God.

The life of the saints presents the attrocities our beloved christians have suffered in God's name and for His name. Lots of miracles and christians who accept with love to be killed for the "sin" of believing in Jesus Christ.

The last words of Jesus . You have to be careful before you buy a christian book because are many fakes that caim to say the truth but they are nothing more than "Dan Brown type of books" - just to earn money and to provoke shock. This book is one of them ,if you don't have some knowledge about the Bible ,you can fall in this trap.

Christianity as a mistical fact and the mysteries of Antiquity . My first love is philosophy ,i've tried so much to understand every philosopher  that i almost feel i have met them ... This book tries to explain christianity in a philosophical manner but i think you can't understand it through philosophy or science,but just through faith ,you just need to look into your soul . So thsi book cannot help too much but for who loves philosophy,it's a good lecture

10 conversations with Elder Cleopa . He was a saint of our days and his speech has been recorded and written in books. He speaks about how to be a good christian,about faith,love,suffering,prayer and how to fight with temptations that are separating us of the true way of God.

The Saudis I still didn't finish this book,it's written in english ,it's about the saudi history and saudis in general. I hope to can finish it...

Me,Aicha ,the wife of the Prophet . It's strange to me that this book is written by a muslim  because i find it very bold when is about the prophet Mohammed. It's based on the stories of the Quran and 7adith ,about the life of Aisha,the 6 years old girl married with the prophet.  For me the fact itself it's repulsive  and when you also read the details given by Leila Mounir - about their sexual relations,it's even more repulsive.. It's a fictional book based on real facts but i think it's not a good book for the muslims ,nor for those who dislike islam because does not present the reality (just partial)


Anonymous said...

you have been blogging, posting, and telling all your readers that you are a "Christian". Which, to me, i find so difficult to fully accept.

I have seen your youtube videos and i am going to tell you something, i came from a Christian and/or Catholic country. A True Christian do not expose themselves to the public to do sexy dances in YouTube. A True Christian do not wear the kind of clothes you are wearing. Being religious cannot be measured by how well you make your readers believe that you are a Christian. I am sorry, but you are making me believe that you are a fake believer.

And another point, reading a lot of books can improve English Grammar. You should try reading more books, its good for you.

And another one, spare Jesus for using His name in vain.

Anonymous said...

I must say that I disagree with the previous post. No offense, but by judging the others you are not a Christian too. We do not know how much this girl believes in God, it's something completely personal to her. And I do not think that the way she dresses or dances infect the way she believes. There are many paths to this purpose and each of us can make his own choices. So I think it's not reasonable to make public such opinions, especially incognito


Anonymous said...

everybody can be christian!
when you know much about that was jesus did you would know that its not important what you do like dancing or whatever as long as you believe in god. god is friendly!

jardelle said...

I'm sorry for you if you haven't understood anything from the Bible,Jesus's message is not about covering your body so you can call yourself a good christian.Jesus forgave the prostitute and those who were praying to other gods just for their FAITH IN HIM.He wants faith first and then modest clothes.When i will have this full faith,for sure i will renounce at everything belongs to this world and i will completely dedicate my life to Him in a monastery,but you have to feel that in your heart.
If i put a long dress on me but in my mind i dream myself in sexy clothes,that does not make me a better christian. So until then, im just me the sinner who likes to dance on youtube..
Nobody can judge who is a good or a bad christian...don't forget the theif on the cross was the first who entered in heaven.
I'm not trying to convince anyone that i'm a good christian and i've never said that,because i'm not.He is part of my life,so it's normal to share everything about Him,as i share many other things.

I wish my sins to be the ones you mentioned,my life would be much nicer ,but unfortunetely i have much bigger sins...

Toyin O. said...

What a great collection of books, especially the bible:)

Nicole✗✗ said...

Wonderful collection!!

Blogger said...

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