Ingredients: -soy
                  -other condiments 

Meat can be replaced with soy,so :

1. Boil the soy with salt and condiments

2. Squeeze the water with a strainer

3. You can add a boiled or a raw potato or both

4. Smash the boiled potato with a  fork

5. Grate the raw potato and squeeze the juice from it

6. Chop an onion into small pieces

7.Mix all the ingredients into a ball (soy,potatoes,onion,parsley,dill,salt,paprika,pepper,condiments for meatballs or sausages(if you have)

8.Shape into small meatballs

9.Roll the meatballs in the wheat

10.Fry meatballs  until brown

11. You can serve them with mustard. Bon Appetit!


Nicole✗✗ said...

I'm going to have to try and make this!! It looks yummy!!

Roberta said...


good week!


Anonymous said...

Ahh, again you make me hungry!


Miss DeltaG said...

i hope you'll visit my blog!there is a Chanel Giveaway
See you there!

jardelle said...

I hope you will like them Nicole.
I'm happy i made you hungry Gerasimos :D

Anonymous said...

i like it alot. the last one made me hungry...what is the best brand of mayonnaise, ketchup,mustard you use?? please write more recipes :)

jardelle said...

I don't have a favorite brand but i can say the best mayonnaise is the one made at home,with real ingredients

Natalie Ryker said...

love it...i just turned vegatarian and i need recipes!!