Another beauty legend passed away today,23 march 2011 at the age of 79 years old,surrounded by her four childern .

 Liz was one of the most beautiful actresses , one of the few persons on earth who has violet eyes and one of the best friends of  Michael jackson.

 Interesting things you might don't know about Elizabeth Taylor:

 -she was married for seven times
 -she converted to judaism in 1959
 -her jewish name is Elisheba Rachel
 -before to make film,she was selling lemonade

Rest in peace Elizabeth Taylor and thank you for enchanting us with your amazing eyes and beauty !

The last video is my Cleopatra inspired makeup ,inspired by Elizabeth's picture from her movie "Cleopatra"


Anonymous said...

RIP :(


eye lift said...

Really sad news. Her fans would be shocked with this news. This is the end of the era of wonderful beauty.

Anonymous said...

She was truly a legend. Timeless beauty


Nicole✗✗ said...

I just heard about this!! This is really quite sad. I wish the best for her family.

H Rija said...

RIP! She was an amazing person!
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the real mia said...

What a beautiful collection of photos of the late great. She really was lovely.

glamour. monster. said...

rip, she was so lovely. xo

brand new, follow/comment and we'll do it back!

Laura K said...

Yes r.i.p :) She looked really good when she was young :)

Pedagang Mousepad said...

R.I.P !!!!

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Kevings said...

Sweet dreams Elizabeth !

Anonymous said...

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Valentina said...

Beautiful, great woman.

Vivas said...

¡Qué gran pérdida!.
Un beso!.

Skye said...

Hey sweetie i have an award for you!


Onze said...

Just Beautiful!

Anonymous said...

She was a great soul! :(

Lorena said...

great woman!!

Sara said...

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Fashion Mom said...

she was so beautiful x

Tummy tuck said...

In the above post she looks very beautiful and gorgeous, All these pictures are looks wonderful and really makes me crazy about it.

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She was so beautiful and her eyes so cute and fabulous.