I used Vichy when i had problems with acnee so i tried pharmaceutic products after i had been using lots of useless cosmetic creams.
 It's a very good foundation,it covers very well and prevents your skin to become shinny. After some hours though,the T-zone becomes a little oily (in my case).

L'oreal Accord Parfait
 Accord Parfait is almost the same as Vichy,the difference is Vichy is destined for acnee complexion. If you don't make a scrub,your face can look like you put lots of powder. It has a very good coverage but can look cakey sometimes. Overall,is a good foundation.

I loved this powder,it was the single brand that had so dark shadows (as i had my skin before). In fact,it's a brand created for black women,the owner of it it's the black super model Iman.
 You can find it in very nice shadows ,i love how it covers the skin, i don't like that sometimes the foundation can become hard and you have to use a little cream to can take it on your fingers.It's a good foundation also has a sponge.

It's a liquid foundation,very light,with low power of coverage,it's non grassy but in the summer days your face can look very shinny.It's not good for oily skin. If you don't apply it well,you might see spots on your face because it has a watery and dry consistency.

Max Factor Long Lasting Performance
I love it,it's creamy,it gives luminosity to your face,it looks natural,it covers very well without to become cakey and i love the shadow i chose. (deep beige).

Yves Rocher Couleurs Nature
It's a liquid foundation,with low to medium coverage,it's light but can leave traces .I personally don't like it but i am a fan of perfect coverage foundations.

          Maybelline Affinitone
It's the foundation i use right now in light porcelain shadow,it covers the best from all the foundation i've ever used,it's like a paste,it's matte ,no luminosity,no shine,you look perfect and it's incredible cheap.Sometimes might clog pores but i love it.

You can see here Biguine (dark) it's very dry and Yves Rocher it's creamy


Vintage Makeup said...

Great post, I haven't tried any of those!

Anonymous said...

try mac studio fix its great and full coverage im sure you'll love it

jardelle said...

thanks,i will try it