We celebrate today the Women's Day. I think we desreve to have a special day dedicated just to us but more deserve the mothers to be celebrated.
 It's a great opportunity to show your love for the women in your life and i hope all of you will do a nice surprise for your mothers. We don't have them forever so have the best of any occassion to make her happy. When you will not have her anymore ,you will regret you haven't done more to show your love for her.

 All of us have stood inside of our mothers and taht creates a special relationship between us. The ombilical cordon is never rotten,i hate to hear about mothers separated by their children.
 Our mothers are a treasure,as long as they live,we can still call us kids,even if you have 20,40 or 50 years old. Nothing can replace the care of a mother for her child and her unconditioned love.

 An apparent innocent woman can become incredible powerful  if she has to protect her son,it's incredible what a mother is able to do for her kids.

 What we are now is thanks to our mothers,they form us,they mould our character,our behaviour ,they teach us the good things in life.
 When we are little ,mothers are like a little God for us ,24 hours of 24  they work for us to make our life happy and easy. That's why we have to apprecciate these amazing creatures for dedicating their lifes to us.

 Mothers are the same in all the cultures .In fact,most of the mother creatures -humans or animals act the same :both are protective,both become lions when their children are in danger and both feed us ,it's something instinctive that cannot be explained .

 It's amazing to be a woman but you also have many responsibilities and duties.
 If God decided that life start in our bodies,means we are special beings.

 I know we are very complicated persons and hard to understand by men but that is what it makes us interesting. At least this day,I wish you -men to show your love for your beloved women in your life.

 Please all of you ,if you read this post,offer a flower for your mother ,i don't know if all the countries celebrate this day ,but do this for your mum. You will make her happy...and she desreves that.


fortunate said...

How true your words are...you never can explain those feelings between a mother and her child...it`s so special and magic, i cannot imagine that this strap ends with our life !

Anonymous said...

Have a beautiful day most wonderful girl!


H Rija said...

Happy Women's Day to you too!
You have a great blog and I was wondering if you are interesting in following each other!
My Lyfe ; My Story

Miss Caitlin S. said...

love this! so sweet and thought-provoking. I had no idea it was Women's Day until Google told me... sadly, but I have enjoyed learning more since then!