Adăugaţi o legendă

1.i stole a little doll and a lip pencil (when i was little)

2.i sinked my legs in mellow cement while i was running to school and the workers were shocked that i destroyed their work.

3.i wore dental braces

4.i made injections with steroids at 15 years old to gain muscles (it's all my sister fault who studied bodybuilding at university so she taught me to do that)

5.i burnt my hair with bleach so bad that was enough just to pull it softely  to remain with it in my hands

6.The first and the single time i got drunk was at 5 years old

7.I got attacked by 5 guys who tried to steal my bag but they failed :D

8. 2 tryings to be raped but again they failed (and i have to thank God for that for keeping me away from any sexual trauma)

9.I got punched in the face in the school by my ex love

10.I dreamt Jesus Christ

11. I went to restaurant and after the order arrived,i realised i have no money with me

12.I jumped in a lake with my clothes on me and i returned home all wet

13.I fell down on my stomach in the church and the can i had in my bag went directly under the table of the priest.

14. I lost my consciousness after i vomited

15. I stood in the night in a cemetery

16. In school,the director used to come everyday in my classroom to see if me and my friend wear makeup in order to remove it.

17.I made prank calls and met with a guy without to know how he looks

18.I lost myself in the mountains

19. I stood on the back of an elephant

20. I went to a ballroom and i forgot the invitation at home so i had to return back to take it


Anonymous said...

That's an interesting list! What you did with the order at the restaurant? You called someone to come with money?


Lauren said...

beautiful photo..

First Impression by AiR said...

you look so beautiful and adorable, and also look like a real living dool like :)

Michelle said...

Hello Jardelle! I just love your blog, your words are very wise.

I'm a christian girl too, but I attend the Presbiterian church.

Kisses and hugs from Brazil :)

If you follow me, I'll follow you back.


Mercedes said...

Wow a beautiful picture :)

Jessica said...

Wow this is an interesting list!
I love your photo here.

Sassi said...

you are so beautiful <3

jardelle said...

@ Gerasimos
Lol,no ,i was with my friend so i sent her home to take the money(because we both had the money in the same wallet so we forgot it at home). She agreed to go because she knew if i go,i will come back in 10 hours because of my slow walking :D

Thanks everyone for the beautiful words, and Michelle,i'm happy to meet other christians like you.

C.Y. said...

you are very beautiful :)