On 1 March in Romania and Republic of Moldova ,people celebrate a special day dedicated to women.
 We receive and we offer to other women and girls little gifts special made for this day.In fact,any little object can be a gift for 1 March if it has a string in red and white which is the symbol of this celebration. It is called "Mărțișor" and can be weared pinned to your clothes ,on  chest.
 This tradition is 8000 years old.
 It's very nice especially for the girls in school because everyone receives gifts from almost 30 boys and girls. Girls can offer them just to their closest friends but the boys have to be real gentlemen so they give gifts for all the girls in the classroom and of course,the teachers. The same do men at work.
 For almost 2 weeks (don't forget we also have 8 March-another day for women :D) the streets and the markets are full of these things and is a real pleasure to watch so different and many models for all the tastes..
  March is also the beggining of the spring and we also receive spring flowers : snowdrops or hyacinth.
 When you want to impress somebody ,you can buy something more consistent :D ...for exemple i received this green swimsuit and a black blouse ...i've never thought of a swimsuit in march but anyways i like it very much.


marionachic said...

fantastic blog:)

Anonymous said...

Happy Martisor Jardellita! I must add that the supermodels look ugly comparing to your first photo. Especially since you DON'T use Photoshop ;) Have a good time


jardelle said...

Thank youuuuuuuuuu Gerasimos :D

Anonymous said...

You are welcome! You make me proud for a lot of reason to have such an excellent friend!


LauraB. said...

Like youre Blog, I will follow you.
Me too? ;)



great post!!!


Mona said...

You body is fantastic, you look like a godess! Do you work out alot?
I want to have advice because your body is perfect:) The dark hair suits you very well! Im so glad that i found you on youtube because you are such an amazing and inspiring person Jardelle! Many hugs/Mona

should i call him said...

Your really sexy on that bikini...

jardelle said...

@ Gerasimos
you know i feel the same about you...

@ Mona
My sweet Mona ,you always have so beautiful words for me..thank you vey much.
My hair looks dark in this picture but in reality is not so dark.
I worked out my body a lot but that was more than 8 years ago.I did body bulding,not normal fitness and even if i eat lots of bad food, i still have the results(not as i was before but it's ok).
You have to work hard and do weight training if you want to build muscles,you should have such a big weight on your weight machine so your body can do maximum 8 repetitions.
When you feel the pain in your muscles-it's like a burn - don't stop because in that time the muscle is growing.
I will write more on my blog about this subject in the near future...you can achieve great results also at home.
Many kisses MONAA !!!!

Thanks everyone !

Mona said...

Thank you sweet Jardelle:) You always say the nicest thing to me and i appreciate it very much! You are truly an angel! Thank for the advice, i will try to work out like that. I actually bought a gym card last month so i train about 4 times a week. I want to have an amazing beach body:)You really take time to answer and i appreciate that. Your friends should be thankful to have a friend like you beacause you really care. if you were my friend i would never take you for granted because you seem like an angel both inside and out! Take care:) Many kisses!

jardelle said...

Thanks a lot Mona :) and good luck at gym ! :D

Anonymous said...

u r a cheap, and ur nose is so big, thats why u make blurred pics of u, pls think about a nose job.it hurts in my eyes, too see someone like u

fortunate said...

What a beautiful blog and what a sweet ritual with those gifts for girls and women - i would love to do it, too, it`s so great to show people what they mean to you!

I`m really happy that you`ve found me, so i could follow your amazing blog. It`s good to know, that there are young people who have true faith in god!

I`ll visit you again and i wish you a great time of fasting, i don`t do that, but i`ll think about it next year, it`s a good cause!

Have a thoughtful evening, Jardelle ! Best wishes from Germany :-*