Nina Nanna Maladrineddu

  The first song is the story of a young woman who is singing a heartbreaking lullaby to her little child, her husband -the father of the child was killed by the Mafia and she destine her baby to revenge him.Instead of singing him a cute song destined to children that must sound soothing and calming,she puts him to sleep to grow faster to can kill the enemies of his father.
 The mourn is traditionally entrust to women and when the death of the man was violent,she mourns urging to revenge.(in mafia families).

"Look at my son how beautiful he is,
He is like his father, his eyes show that he is strong,
My little son hug my heart , listen to me, beautiful son,
When you were born you were already orphan,
What a misfortune, a traitor killed your father
Go to sleep,go to bye-bye .....
Hurry to grow, and learn to use the knife,
Because you have to defend the family honor,
My son you must avenge your father."

   Piange il telefono

   The second song is a conversation between a father who just went out of prison and his daughter who has never met him and naturally speaks with him like with a stranger,that creating a big pain in his father's heart and for this reason he often sadly says : "the phone is crying".

 Her transparent way of answering and his longing for them break his heart even more and he hopes for his love to return to him but now she has other man and she doesn't care anymore about him.

Daughter: (Hello?)
Father: Listen,is your mom there?
You have to tell mommy there is someone who...
Daughter: (Who are you?Are you the guy who called last time?)
(I’ll call her,but she’s in the bath)
(I don’t know if she can come to the phone!)

Father: Tell her I am here
Tell her it’s important
That I’ll wait
Daughter: (Did you do something to my mom?)
When you call she always says:
“Tell him I’m not here”

Father:Tell me
Did you learn how to write?
Do you live in a nice home?
Are your grades good?
Daughter:(Yes… but since mom is always at work)
(A neighbor drives me to school)
(I only have one signature on my diary)
(Everyone else has their dad’s, too)
(But I don’t!)

Father:Tell her I’m right here
That I’ve been suffering for six years
Honey, isn’t that your age, too?
Daughter:(Oh, no… I’m five!!)
(But do you know my mom?)
(She never told me about you!)
(Hold on…)

Father:The telephone is crying
Because she won’t be coming
Even if I scream: I love you
I know she won’t listen to me
The telephone’s crying
Why don't you have some mercy?
No one will answer.
In the summertime will you be staying at the Riviera Hotel?
Do you like the beach?
Daughter:(Oh, yes, I love it!)
(You know, I can swim! But wait a minute,)
(How do you know about the Riviera Hotel?)
(Have you been there, too?)

Father:Tell her about my suffering
Tell her how much I love you both
Daughter:(You love us?)
(But I’ve never seen you before!)
(What’s wrong?)
(Why did your voice change?)
(Are are you crying? Why?)
No one
Will answer.
But remember
It’s the last time I’m crying over the phone,
And tomorrow you'll know why.
Tell her to wait
Daughter:(She’s going out!)
Father:Tell her to stop
Daughter:(She already left!)
Father: She left...Then… Goodbye…
Daughter:(Goodbye, Sir.)


Anonymous said...

Ahh.. enough drama for one day...


Anonymous said...

meaningful and beautiful songs and words jardelle... thank you for sharing it sister.

Sarah said...

oh my gosh so sad. The words are beautiful.
Wearing It On My Sleeves

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:( so sad...