I wanted to create a sexy look but with my white face (without self tanner) ,less eye liner and this puffy morning face,i look nothing sexy but more like a baby girl.
 I tried to make a natural look because i heard men don't like heavy makeup :D (but who cares what they like?). But....because tommorow you have to dedicate to your love,let's be a perfect partner.
 So,i used a pale golden and red-brown creamy eyeshadow ,i was inspired by spring so i tried to create a fresh look perfect to go out with your Valentine (for who has one :D).
 I hope all of you will have a beautiful day tommorow, i will be  just Cupid !!!
 Happy Valentine!!!


love and life ♥ said...

I love these colors for Valentine's Day! Very Nice!

LVB said...

I'm quite sure you have heard this too many times, but you are an amazingly beautiful woman, Jardelle.

I enjoy your blog and find your faith and honest expression of yourself to be very rare and nice.

What country do you live in? And how do I pronounce your name correctly (as an American)?

Any man would be lucky to be your Valentine, and a fool not to. :)

Anonymous said...

the red shade you used is perfect for the valentines :)

happy valentines jardelle!

jardelle said...

Thank you for your nice comment LVB and i wish you a happy valentine.
You can pronounce my name simply jardel ( without the "e").
Take care and have a good day!