I bought these colourful rings,perfect for the spring.I love them,i usually don't wear jewleries,but i just wait for the spring to start wearing clothes with flowers and lots of colours.

I am very passionate about the history of  judaism and the Holy Land is very deep in my heart,that's why i chose this little star-the star of David ,i will put it beside a cross and i will have the symbols of the 2 divine religions.

 I love belts with golden buckles...these 2 belts are more nice in reality , i just wait to make some clothes combiantions with them.The colorful belt i see it with a navy blue jacket with golden buttons,like those for officers and a striped blouse in blue and white.

This dress is for night (i think in the picture looks like a normal dress) but it's for sleeping...i think i will wear it in the house.


Anonymous said...

Nice!Though the ring in the 3rd picture is the star of David...


jardelle said...

Yes,is the star of David,but is not a ring,it's a pendant. You don't like it?

Anonymous said...

the rings are amazing,
lovely colours!


Anonymous said...

I like it. It's just that it is the symbol of a different religion than the one we believe. As far as I know it has a protective meaning


jardelle said...

Yes,but judaism is the first religion given by our God.The Old Testament (which represents judaism) is part of our Holy Bible,it's like a history of God and of the holy prophets,it's not against christianity,the jewish interpretate it wrong but judiasm is not wrong,it's just that was given only for that period,until the coming of Jesus.

The Style Rawr said...

You're gorgeous! <3 We love the statement rings :)

T & J



I Live For It said...

Thanks so much for stopping by our blog- happy to find u on here! Ur rings are gorgeous in this post! how fun!

I Live For It

Xx. Jewls and Liza

Liesl @ FabulousFashions4SensibleStyle said...

I love bold, what I call power, rings! Very FUN and the nautical look is so cute!

Liesl :)

aki! said...

So digging the nautical look right now!

Anonymous said...

lovely ring! :)
love the colors, summer is coming!!!

xoxo FF

Layla said...

these dress are totally totally gorgeous!! :) and they suit your body perfectly <3

Ready to "Nerd" said...

I really love the rings.beautiful!

Anonymous said...

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