I laughed with tears when i found this letter written about 12 years ago meant to be sent to a girl who,same as me,she wanted to corespond with teenagers from all over the world.

  I was 13 years old and i wanted so much to make foreign friends and to corespond with them through letters(was before to know what's that internet).I was fascinated about my mum's valise full of hundreds of letters sent by her friends from all over the world.So i started to search in the magazines announces of girls interested about corespondence..
 I remember i wrote many letters but i've never had the courage to go to the post, to put the envelope and to send it.I didn't know what i have to do there and where to put it...and that postmark was a real mistery for me..so all my letters ended up in the garbage but thanks God i found this one because i love to keep all my memories.

 Lol it's funny what "interesting" things i wrote ,descriptions of my family and friend...it's better i didn't send it because i don't know who could have answer me back ( maybe just to make fun of me).
 By the way,me and my sister don't have black hair and eyes.

 I hope you observed my english...I'm happy at least i have evolved a little...but not too much :D
  Looking back, I realize the need of the people to chat and to communicate...before were the letters,now is the messenger and lots of ways to meet and speak with new people.

 Me and my two friends used to write letters every morning and before to go to school we hide them under the linoleum in our building. So every one,after finishing school came to our secret place to take her letter. I still have them and i'm shocked about me and my thoughts 10 years ago. I wonder what i will say about my posts on my blog after 10 years.
 So ,it was like every day we wrote a long tweet about what we did a day before.It was very fun especially because it was also risky that somebody could find and read them.

 I miss to write a letter,to put my tongue on the postmark and to go to the post.The email of our days is fast and easy but does not have the same romance as a real letter,especially if it's a love letter where you can impress your tears,your kiss and....the touch of your hands.


Anonymous said...

Nice handwriting! You used a pen (with ink) in this one?


Anatoli said...

Very nice and cute handwriting!

Venus In Virgo said...

OMG! SO beautiful! How nice to have found this XOXO

Orla xx said...

that is so cute! xx

Juan Cuatrecasas Asua said...

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jardelle said...

lol thank you
yes,it's pen with ink :D

satire and theology said...

'I was 13 years old and i wanted so much to make foreign friends and to corespond with them through letters(was before to know what's that internet).'

It is neat that we can simply blog now.

'By the way,me and my sister don't have black hair and eyes.'

Yes, I would expect brown eyes perhaps on a person but not black.


I am listening to this on You Tube now. Relaxing.

Happy Weekend, Jardelle.