I make a sacrifice to wake up in the morning to go to the best dentist in town-one of my male friends got concerned for my tooth problem and he fixed for me a programmation to ho his personal doctor.

 I take a taxi and after i arrive there i start searching the right building,i first enter in other one but finally a nurse tells me where is the stomatology building.I find him there dressed in the way i told him he looks good and with his hair arranged as i like.I am very critic with people around me and i always remind them how important is to look good-most of them really listen my advices and they submit :D .

 The doctor consults me but he tells me to call him another day so he can speak with a specialist for my problem.I said OK but in my mind i was like "forget it !". But then,i changed my mind because i thought if i don't leave the best doctor to heal my problem that lasts since 1 year and no doctor could do anything for it,then who can do it? So i called him the next day but i had bad luck - i already started to think this tooth is cursed.

 We go with his driver to one of his clients to make an order for his business where he begs me to choose something from his shop.I chose a desk office set- not to refuse him but i usually hate to have things i don't need.I am very practical and in the near future i want to renounce at all the useless things i have in my house-mess generators :D..

 I felt how he was happy to have me with him and i saw more confidence in his attitude.I like when my friends feel good to have me around them and when they can count on me.

 We went to a restaurant together with his driver to eat something..i chose pasta and pear juice.After that ,he had a meeting with the owner of a casino so he took me with him to help them to understand each other better because he doesn't speak our language.We stood there for almost 1 hour ,i could see the guy he was very tired and a little bored of so much talking but my friend didn't leave him until they came to an agreement about the contract they wanted to sign.

 We went to his home to take his lugagge because in 2 hours he had to fly in other country. He left me a wine bottle for my family and a pure olive oil-exactly what i needed for my hair.

 He gone with his driver while i took a taxi to my home and went to bye-bye :)


Anonymous said...

Is this an ordinary day or a James Bond movie? :D


Alexandra said...

No day is ordinary when you have God with you!

Beautiful, Jardelle!


jardelle said...

That's right Alexandra and thank you!
Lol why do you say that Gerasimos?I didn't beat with anyone :D

Anonymous said...

No, but it's kinda long, unexpected story with many turns in the plot! Just kidding my angel

Senin said...

i like how you said "forget it!: :D
you had a nice day i guess

Anonymous said...

Jardelle, your so pretty,and right about life, you look like one of those models in the 1990's, like a true beauty!