I defineteley need to make a big change in my life.
 I feel i hate everything around me and nothing fulfills me anymore. I want to change almost everything: i will start with my look,i want to completely change my hair colour and i will do something also about the cut,but not something drastic.

 I will think for another kind of makeup and i already found what i exactly wanted: i will try to line my eyes in a rounded shape without to contour them also in the inner corners. Of course,i will not use just this makeup all the time,but i want to try new things .i have some pictures on the blog with it-and also this photo from this post it's the makeup i'm talking about but i will try to give them a more rounded shape.

  Next step: i want to find new passions and to do new things. I see i started to be interested about fashion again,i will try to concentrate more about it because i observed it has good effects on my spirit. I started to buy new things that i might never wear them but anyways sometimes shopping gives you a good disposition and this really happened the last time i went to shopping...i really like what i bought and that made me feel better.
 I will start painting and i also want to learn how to do it.I already tried to paint and it's a great way to relax.

 I will try to accept all the invites to go anywhere,these days i went in visit to some persons i didn't know and i realised visiting other homes and meeting new (warm) people filled me with a new energy and i felt more relaxed and happy. When i first heard to go there,i was so bored and lazy( as usual) but these visits made me to change my mood.

 The biggest change  i'm waiting and i hope will accomplish it's a new business that will make me happy but ,day by day i have more doubts about it's realisation and if this will fail,i will surely fall in a deep depression because i put all my hopes in it and i will have to start again from zero.
 I read that stupid horoscope..for fun of course,but i'd better don't do it anymore, because i've found myself in it,with lots of plans and dreams but it says are very low chances to accomplish. That made me more doubty because every time the bad things written in the horoscope happen  while the good things NEVER. But,anyways i put my hopes in God ,He is the One who will decide my future.

 I feel like a bird in a cage right now and if i will not escape soon,i think i will revenge on life and i don't know what i will do...

 I want a new life,with new things,with the job i desire ,to have other activities,i want to completely change the look of my house,i want to change the way i look and dress,everythingggg...i got bored about everything .My psychic is tired ,i don't react anymore at the beautiful things in life,i feel i 've lost my feelings and my energy but these new things will completely change me in a good way,because this is what i actually need: something new.
And i want springgggg,sun,flowers,heat,grass and to breath warm air.

  I think i suffer of sping fever and i'm also before menstruation so i'm a little depressed :D (or more..)


Lily Blue said...

i wish you good luck for your new start :)

i needed one also , so i sold most of my make up collection and old clothing, went to the hairdresser, and i'm currently changing the decoration of my flat :)

i guess that it's something we all need to go through in our life !


Anonymous said...

Cheer up my angel friend. The difficult times exist to estimate better the good times. If you need painting advices always feel free to ask me. Try to begin a new hobby, it always works (this is how I got involved with all those music intruments!)


dl.blogspot said...

Cheer up!! I think everyone has one or more moments in their life feeling like you do now!

At least you know it isn't right to feel this way, and you DO want to work on it, which is a good thing!

Take it easy, you can only do one thing at a time!


Aline said...

You are SO PRETTY!

We all need to change sometimes...

Our soul are never happy and satisfied enough!

Go out, see some friends, buy a new pair of shoes, do something, and you certainly will fell bether!

I was feeling just like you a mounth ago. I did everything i tould you and now I`m great...

I loved your blog...
Cheer up!!!

CAn I follow you?


Kisses from BRasil

* I loved the music...

fashionvic(tim) said...

I love the photo! :-) Cheer up ;-)

Bohemian said...

Hope you feel better soon!

Tamera said...

Change is good! IT's good that you've recognized what you need! That's the first step :)
Tamera xo
Tamera's Take

LVB said...

Don't be depressed, Jardelle.

God loves you, and there are many people in this very troubled world that have problems much worse than yours or mine.

Count your many blessings and be grateful for each day. :)

Mónica - Mes Voyages à Paris said...

Hi! I hope you are better now...I wish you the best! You have a beautiful blog and today you have a new follower! Kisses from Barcelona and Paris :)

Anonymous said...

love your blog♥

jardelle said...

@ Lily Blue and Aline
Thanks for sharing your experience with me,it's good to hear i'm not the single one in this situation.

I wish to be so easy to ask advices about painting and then to make a piece of art.I have books about painting,i read,i copy but DAMN,if you don't have talent,nothing works.

i know my problems are very minor but unfortunetelly depressions don't come becaus eyou don't have something,you can have everything and to be depressed....that's the best thing about it.

Thanks everyone for your advices,i know this mood will pass...many kisses and hugs!

Anonymous said...

How strange for someone who supposedly shows so much passion for ''christ'' to turn around and talk about feeling depressed! Your religion isn't sufficient to your happiness I see? LOL