Hare is considered one of the healthiest meats ,it has just 1600 calories (1 kg) while beef has 3200 calories and also a very low cholesterol level.

 Wild hare needs marinating to tenderize the meat.

 After you cut it in pieces ,add thyme,rosemary,basil,pepper,laurel,salt ,water and wine and stuff it with garlic.Leave it in marinate at least over night,the best is 1 day.

  The next day,change the sauce with a fresh one...so add again wine and water and all the condiments.
Cover the pan with aluminium foil for a more tender meat and put it in the oven at low temperature.
 After the meat is ready,remove the aluminium foil and leave it for other 10 minutes to toast at a higher temperature.
 You can serve the hare with vegetable saute or mashed potatoes.

 Bon appetit! ( i hope i made you hungry )


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