I like

                  I like the dress but i think she looks like she has no shape

        I find this dress cute but NOT for this occassion

                            Does she wear boots? :(

              Beautiful dress but i think a short dress like this one looks cheap on the red carpet

I'm confused about this dress,i like it but i would like to see it for other occassion,not Grammy,somewhere outside ...celebrating the coming of spring lool

I don't like

                Lady Gaga is unique (even though i don't like her style),anybody dressed in her style looks like a copy cat

             Did she come from shopping directly at Grammy Awards? :D

                              Too bad even for a kid

                                                  Too boring

                         No comment :(

                                            Not adequate for Grammy

                         Hello Africa,tell me how you're doing.....:D

               She looks like a kid who took her mother's clothes

                             Looks cheap :(

OTHER-No reaction
i think are many other beautiful dresses but i don't like how they look on these celebrities

 For Lady Gaga anything is allowed because ....she's Lady Gaga


BlahCooCooBlah said...

I don't like the second dress, Jennifer Hudson looks AMAZING! What is up with Snookie? Why was she even invited? Willow smith is trying TOO hard to be a prodigy child, rihanna was trying to outdo GaGa but she ended up looking like she just got out of a bubble bath and didn't dry off :/

Nice post :D

Danielle said...

I love this post! I pretty much agree with everything you just said!

Anonymous said...

I wonder when (if) Lady Gaga will become a normal human being...



Very nice post. I love Jada Pinkett-Smith, I agree she could have wore something else, but this is is the best I've seen from her in a while.
I loved your likes as well. Rihanna dress just needed lining to cover her obviously nude body underneath.

Lisa @ Lesapea xx

YB* said...

Jennifer Lopez looked really good I think.


Anonymous said...

There's something wrong going on red carpet. Ugly dresses. No more to say.

Anonymous said...

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