I tried to make again this hair style but it's been a while since i've cutted my hair so it doesn't look very good if your ends of the hair are not trimmed so i used an old photo as the final result.
 Even if you have curly hair,if you straighten your hair,you can do fake bangs (my hair is curly).
 So,first step tie your hair into a ponytail using an elastic,twist it one or two times depending of your hair length and fix it with a slide hair. Then arrange the ends of the hair that comes on your forehead. You can also use gel if you want more definite locks.

 I've been starting the new activities i said i want and i'm also learning the techinques of painting and drawing. ...it's very relaxing and inspiring...i wish  to buy oil paint in the future because with the water colour you can't do something very artistic.
 I was a little disappointed comparing the original with my tryings...anyways I think i carried it off better with the drawing than painting...but i hope to can do it better.

And now look at a real talent. You can't believe your eyes, these drawings are really made by hand and not by photoshop,as you would first think.Some of them would rather look like white black pictures than drawings.This woman is amazing,she creates every detail with so much precision that you can doubt her work. Here is her site click


  I can say 1000 reasons why being a christian is the best way of life.

  One of the main reasons is that you have freedom and nobody imposes you to do something you don't want,this is because the christian religion is not regulated by law,if you want to respect it ,it's ok,if you don't want to,you are free not to believe in God or Jesus and you have the freedom of expressing your critics against it. Everybody has the freedom of expression as long as you don't incite to violence. We are not cowards to close people's mouths and to live the ilussion that everybody loves God and everything is perfect in our christian society.No,we freely speak about it because we are not afraid of the truth.

 God have settled His teachings in such a manner that you cannot fool Him.He knows people' tricky minds so you cannot say you are a good chistian just by covering your body and being a virgin while you dream and desire men ,because you are same as the one who sins with the body. That's why you cannot judge anybody because we are all sinners and in the most hidden thoughts all of us sin in a way or another. Doesn't Jesus say-the one without sin,let him be the first to throw the stone?

 In christianity you can achieve the purest form of holiness.How? By loving absolutely everybody: the criminal,your friend,your enemy,your neighbour. It's easy to love your friends and those with whom you have good relations,right? But that does it also the criminal. He also loves his friends and those like him. So you are not better than a criminal. But,when you love those who hate you,when you pray for them and you understand they are humans like you,with good and bad ,you will reach another spiritual level and for sure the energy of your love and the positive thinking will be reflected in all the universe. In this way,you can say you brought a benefit to humanity,you helped it to evolve. If you choose the revenge way,then : "eye for an eye and the world will be blind".

 The christian God does not just stay in the heaven on a big throne judging people and giving hard punishments.He made Himself human,same as you and me and first He gave Himself an exemple for us,He suffered like us (death,humility,pain,etc) . My God proved something,He didn't fight to conquer as much followers as He could, He ddin't prove His power by arms and wars. My God is not a proud and vain God thirsty of power,He is humble and He hates pride,that's why He conquered us by His love.

 The heaven promised to us is not a material place with body pleasures: food,sex and good life,it's a place full of His love and after life we will be same as angels,not as horny and hungry people.

 I love my religion because we have Jesus Christ who showed us how God the Father is. We,as humans,cannot see the heavenly God,it's impossible for our eyes,for our body to see Him,that's why He sent His Son who is part of the divinity. We don't have 3 Gods ,it's just that God has 3 forms, same as the water who can be liquid,ice or gas...it's the same water but in very different forms. Or as a human :first he is an embryo,then a living human and then dead.

 I have all the trust in my Saviour because:
 -He never did anything bad to anybody, He is the purest man that ever walked on the face of the Earth,He never punished or ordered the punishment of others,He was so good that he forgave His own killers....so how can you refuse Him?

 Jesus completeley changed the world by His teachings,the good things we see now in our society are in fact His influence.

 The woman is respected and not considered inferior ,she is not the propriety of anyone,she just has to respect her husband as he needs to do the same. For me these are normal things but after i've seen other cultures and the treatment for women,i started to think i'm privileged of my statute.
 I can now say it's great to be a christian woman !

1 Corinthians "... In the Lord, however, woman is not independent of man, nor is man independent of woman. For as woman came from man, so also man is born of woman. But everything comes from God. "

 Why do christian countries have democracy and freedom? Why in christian countries the religion is separated by the state? Because christianity is your choice,you cannot impose it by force-we would be same as marionettes who are guided by another person behind us. We follow it because we want it,not because the state forces us.

Why do christians can leave christianity any time they want?  Because God does not enter by force in your heart and He is not thirsty of conquering the world by billions of followers.He gives freedom everyone,if you want Him,He is there for you,if you don't ,He leaves you to choose the way you want.

Why don't christians  kill the apostates? Because we are not full of hatred for those who chose to separate from us and we are not desperated that we loose power and followers. Our faith does not lay in the number of followers,but in the treasure we have :Jesus Christ.

Why God did not give His followers orders to punish the sinners? (exemple: 200 lashes or stone death)? Because in christianity we are all equal and we don't have the right to judge ,that's why we have a God.He is perfect so He is the only one who can judge our sins.
 All these things prove christianity is indeed a religion of peace and love.

 I know i'm not worthy of paradise ,all i'm asking God is that (after) death to live in the presence of His shadow and that will make me happy....and other desire i have is to kiss Jesus's feet just for one time. I have Him so strong in my heart that i cannot imagine my (after) life without to see Him. When i was little,i had the greatest dream in my life.I dreamt His second coming on Earth,He was full of light and love.I can't explain what i felt but i will never forget this.

 I Loveeeeeeeee you Jesus Christ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 I defineteley need to make a big change in my life.
 I feel i hate everything around me and nothing fulfills me anymore. I want to change almost everything: i will start with my look,i want to completely change my hair colour and i will do something also about the cut,but not something drastic.

 I will think for another kind of makeup and i already found what i exactly wanted: i will try to line my eyes in a rounded shape without to contour them also in the inner corners. Of course,i will not use just this makeup all the time,but i want to try new things .i have some pictures on the blog with it-and also this photo from this post it's the makeup i'm talking about but i will try to give them a more rounded shape.

  Next step: i want to find new passions and to do new things. I see i started to be interested about fashion again,i will try to concentrate more about it because i observed it has good effects on my spirit. I started to buy new things that i might never wear them but anyways sometimes shopping gives you a good disposition and this really happened the last time i went to shopping...i really like what i bought and that made me feel better.
 I will start painting and i also want to learn how to do it.I already tried to paint and it's a great way to relax.

 I will try to accept all the invites to go anywhere,these days i went in visit to some persons i didn't know and i realised visiting other homes and meeting new (warm) people filled me with a new energy and i felt more relaxed and happy. When i first heard to go there,i was so bored and lazy( as usual) but these visits made me to change my mood.

 The biggest change  i'm waiting and i hope will accomplish it's a new business that will make me happy but ,day by day i have more doubts about it's realisation and if this will fail,i will surely fall in a deep depression because i put all my hopes in it and i will have to start again from zero.
 I read that stupid horoscope..for fun of course,but i'd better don't do it anymore, because i've found myself in it,with lots of plans and dreams but it says are very low chances to accomplish. That made me more doubty because every time the bad things written in the horoscope happen  while the good things NEVER. But,anyways i put my hopes in God ,He is the One who will decide my future.

 I feel like a bird in a cage right now and if i will not escape soon,i think i will revenge on life and i don't know what i will do...

 I want a new life,with new things,with the job i desire ,to have other activities,i want to completely change the look of my house,i want to change the way i look and dress,everythingggg...i got bored about everything .My psychic is tired ,i don't react anymore at the beautiful things in life,i feel i 've lost my feelings and my energy but these new things will completely change me in a good way,because this is what i actually need: something new.
And i want springgggg,sun,flowers,heat,grass and to breath warm air.

  I think i suffer of sping fever and i'm also before menstruation so i'm a little depressed :D (or more..)