Here is me in the good times.... :)

 We all hear every day about the economical crisis but not all of us really take it in serious. In the beginning i thought is just a rumor or a way of the governments to scare us but now i really think in serious about it and i think twice for every money i spend.

 I 've stopped buying any useless thing,i haven't been such a big fan of shopping as other women,but every month i have been enjoying buying new clothes and shoes.

 When i look in my wardrobe i realize it's full of unworn clothes and useless makeup so that means lots of money spent in vain.I feel embarassed when i see poor people who don't even have what to eat and they would be happy even to receive a bread from somebody and I spend my money for my vain ways and stupid caprices when i could make happy a family just for offering them something to eat (that means a few dollars).

 I feel sick to see women's 100 bags,100 makeup brushes and 1000 accessorizes.Do we realize people around us are dyieng and they could live with the money we spent on our bags ? Are we so vain to continue buying stupid things when the world has arrived at it's end?

 I have never been a shopaholic but now even the little shopping i do i think twice if it worths to spend my money on it and if it's useful.

 So many people have lost their jobs or from rich they went to poor,i know some who commited suicide because they lost their business.
 The economical crisis isn't a joke and everyone should think well how to manage his money because in any time you can expect your company where you work to crash or just to dismiss you.It happens a lot ...
  I already started to save money in case of something even worst than now and to focus on my clothes i already have.I even don't have anymore the joy of spending my time at shopping...i find it boring.

  I want to focus more on helping the poor as long as i have this power,in this way i can  build and store up my treasure in heaven.It helps for your own soul and also the others.

 I thank God for this crises because so many people have changed their way of life !


LadyLuck27 said...

I work in a gaming store, and during Christmas it was ALWAYS FULL since opening to closing - just like you say, people isn't taking so seriously about the economy. The malls are always full from Friday to Sunday of woman's buying useless stuffs, spending hundred of dollars on stuffs they could get for probably $20-$30. And yeah, shopping is boring but it can be fun when there's great sales and u can buy much more than usual with less money. God bless you and keep helping everyone who need it.

Fatima said...

you look so much like haifa wehbe

missmadyy said...

you look exactly like haifa.

lila Braga said...

I so admire you for that choice girl!
I done the same,not because of money problems,but because I do not need too much to make me happy...and we are happier when we can give to others.

MakeUpbyLaura1 said...

Hi I Love your blog.
I left you an award on my blog,
check it out

jardelle said...

That's right!!!!!

Doctor Catsburger said...

I will take You shopping at Walmart for 3 or 4 hours

Anonymous said...

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