I am very passionate about food and restaurants and having friends who own restaurants it's like a treasure for me because my visits there does not finish right after i finish my dinner.

 I have a crazy italian friend who owns an italian restaurant with sea food specific ,every time when i go there something crazy must happen.Not once his elegant restaurant have been transformed into a disco ring.After all the clients go,we put our favorite music and start dancing like crazy while the street beggars look on the window laughing about us or we just simply watch movies and eat .

 Because he is not an organised person and all his life it's a chaos,so is his restaurant and a few times after all his employees resigned because they could not endure him anymore, i had to cook for myself and also for the clients because they asked me for that,so how could i refuse and tell them "sorry but this restaurant does not have a cook"?!

  Even if things are not really ok there,i mean you might find mouldiness in the cake( as i found in my cake,but he was very careful to decorate it with lots of powdered sugar not to be very obvious),you might see the waiters how they get up the owner( my friend) from the floor because of too much drinking or see him dancing in front of everybody while they are eating,the atmosphere is very nice and intimate and for usual the food is fresh and very good (when he has a cook) .

 It's really funny because there come many politicians and important people and when he starts doing his show,everybody gets shocked and think what he will do next.

 In the video it's him with his daughter and other 2 persons.


Anonymous said...




lol! that is soo funny!

Noor said...

lol i don't know if it's because they are italians, i have italian friends who owns restaurants too, and it's always like this atsmosphere there. In general, their family works with them, wich emphasize their "crazyness". Their food is stunning, i've also friends who own greek restaurants, well it's the same thing, and you feel like home (especially for me because i'm mediteranean).
I hope you're fine Jardelle, take care dear!

rosesareblue said...

Love this blog- its wonderful! I absolutely adore the photos as well. Such an inspiration to me. Always put me in a good mood! Do keep on posting!

Please please follow my blog and let me know what you think, can't wait to hear from you!!

kisses x


jardelle said...

Yes Noor,that's right,italians are very sociable and funny persons,it's a pleasure to stay with them,you cannot stay without to laugh. Latins in general are like that.
I am fine,thank you very much Noor,i hope everything is fine too in your life.

Rosesareblue thank you very much,i answered you on your blog

Anonymous said...

As a Greek I know what craziness is! But things are more extreme and funny in Italy! I visited Milan a few months ago and had a good time with the crazy staff of the restaurants!


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