Tommorow (tuesday 1 february) is planned a massive demonstration in Cairo with more than 1 million people to overthrown the president Mubarak .

 Pray for the people of Egypt to succeed,the chaos to end and to bring a new president that wants democracy and cares for the people's wishes for real (even though i have big doubts about that).

 It's very important who will be the next president ...With Hezbollah taking over Lebanon and most likely the Muslim Brotherhood winning in Egypt,the power has changed in favor of Iran and it's islamist allies....that sounds like a religious dictatorship and not freedom...and another possible wars with other states.

 In a recent poll,egyptians voted they want to live under the Sharia law(that means death stonnings for adulter and homesexuality and other cruel punishments) ,this is not democracy but theocracy and egyptians might fall in a vicious game with no good end,from bad to worst.But that was when they were subjugated by the government of Mubarak,maybe they have other opinions now after they can see the light of freedom.

 If you look back in the arab history ,you can observe the revolutions have a different effect than in the East Europe where the communism has been defeated by the mass revolutions. In the arab countries,when a tyrant is overthrown and people hope for something better,another one comes and takes the no real changes.

 May God' will be done ! This is all i can say and i pray for Egypt!


Anonymous said...

The Americans are really aware that they must not lose their giant profits on this country (Souez, oil etc). So, no matter who is in charge, he must serve them. So, it's rather difficult to let a fanatic govern this country. On the other hand, it's not easy to control 80 million angry people. If a religious dictator will take over, a lot of wars will take place. Remember Apocalypse?"And when the armies will invade Israel from the North,...", someone will run to save Israel from the invader from the South, I guess...


satire and theology said...

'Pray for the people of Egypt to succeed,the chaos to end and to bring a new president that wants democracy and cares for the people's wishes for real (even though i have big doubts about that).'

Agreed, in Christ.


satire and theology said...

Very good visual presentation as well.

jardelle said...

Yes Gerasimos,i guess that will happen...will be war against israel and maybe also america...the world will change after this worst (i think)

God bless you Russ!

Anonymous said...

Not necessarily in worst... We have reached a very low level in terms of morality, spirituality and behavior as a human race. This always leads to great facts, mostly of disastrous nature, but I always see a chance for a change towards something better


Sasmita said...

That's traumatic! Yes, I pray for the peace of the whole world :)

D.A. said...

Love this post! =)

We hope it will be better.
Take a look ;)