I don't understand why so many people have a problem with those who feel good in their own skin and they are happy with themselves. Why can't them accept the idea that someone does not have the popular problems: "i am too fat", "i have small breasts", "i am ugly",etc?

  Even if you are the ugliest girl in the world,if you love yourself that's the best thing you can do for your body,but with a single condition: NOT TO FORGET YOUR BODY IS JUST DUST and all is matters is the SOUL.

  I find lucky those girls who love their fats and they don't feel the need to hide them ,those who are not very good looking but they radiate energy and joy of life-feelings derived from their love and acceptance with themselves.

 Why do people want to see unhappy girls,always depressed because of their imperfections and who are always worried and stressed about how to lose weight or who isolate themselves from the "normal" people and live with this frustration all their life?

 Why are them so worried  about our personal relationship with ourselves if we, the narcissists,don't disturb them?

  Why is it ok to love a celebrity,an idol but is not ok to love yourself?

 When you are ok with yourself and you like your person in general,then everything is easier...you have trust in you,you are more happy,more nice with people (if you are not inflated),you don't have reasons to be jealous or to envy others and you have time to focus on important things.

 The jealousy and envy come exactly from your hatred for your own person .You don't like yourself so you can't stand to see another maybe more ugly than you,but who is happy and relaxed with himself.

 Everybody is special in his own way,you don't need to be beautiful ,you just need to have your own personality,don't be like a sheep who is following the flock,be you with your own ideas and that will make you different and special.

 I know so many ugly and poor people but with a strong personality...they simply fascinate me.
 And i also know so many beautiful people but who don't express anything,they just live for being beautiful.This is not ok too!

 Maybe the best is the middle way,not to care if you are ugly or beautiful.I think this feeling comes after you have babies and you don't have time anymore for yourself.Mommies told me that but i can't imagine myself ignoring my body lol


Anonymous said...

Interesting article. As the ancient Greeks say "learn yourself". After that, you feel nicely since you know who you are and what you must correct to yourself. Also our Lord mentions that we must take care of ourself since our body is something God has given us, though of course we must concentrate on our spiritual struggle.Personally, I feel perfect with myself since I know who I am and where I must head.


Sammy said...

That was useful! Thanks

Alexandra said...

You pointed things out very well and you are very right. You are a beautiful person inside and out!

ps. I'd really like to meet you someday, I think you are a person I could really talk to, very kind and with love for God. Whenever you come back to Romania, just message me, it'll be nice to drink a cup of coffee with an old YouTube friend! :) Hope you still speak Romanian. If not, English is perfect as well!

alessya87 ^.^

jardelle said...

hehe thank you Alessia, that would be nice,yes i speak romanian...do you still live in Alba-Iulia?

Gerasimos if you feel perfect with yourself,that is really good,you can focus on creating music and not on body problems.

Anonymous said...

Ok, I surely should lose a few kilos, but I am not feeling bothered with myself, since I care to be loved for what I am, not what I look like. So music is first priority now (together with a few more)

Noor said...

Hi Jardelle, i hope you're fine ;)
I have to say that i'm a quite skeptical with this concept of "narcism". Loving yourself doesn't make you a narcissistic person. When you try to understand where this word comes from, you realise that the "sin" of Narcisse was to act like he was the center of the world, like everybody should treat him differently because of his beauty. And in the end because he treated other people "like shit" (sorry for the bad word, but that was the cas).
The narcissistic doesn't care about others, and thinks he or she is better than "ordinary people".
So loving yourself is not a mark of narcissism in itself. But Narcissism is the extreme way, the same for hating yourself.
Whereas, when you don't care about you body or love it, it's more a half way thing.
Take care sweetheart!

Alexandra said...

Yes I do, I'm in Alba Iulia, but sometimes in Cluj too or wherever...:P Where are you originaly from? Town I mean... I'm curious. Hugs!

Anonymous said...

The universe is too big for me to be the centre of it!
Gerasimos (copying Shakira)

jardelle said...

From Bucharest...i've visited Cluj and also Alba Iulia ...I can't forget the great cathedral of Cluj with lots of pigeons in front of it.

Marcy said...

Very awesome and useful post!!


Shirene said...

You can kill with this look :D

KR3W said...

I do not subscribe to christianity, despite being raised with it.

Pride is a sin
Lust is a sin
Greed is a sin
Envy is a sin

How can you be so apparently prideful, yet be a orthodox christian?

Pattersonjnpq said...

hehe thank you Alessia, that would be nice,yes i speak romanian...do you still live in Alba-Iulia? Gerasimos if you feel perfect with yourself,that is really good,you can focus on creating music and not on body problems.