My thoughts are to the Lord
 And so is the aim of my word..

 In my 2 billion brothers i have my support
 Our hopes are in Jesus Christ-the Lord.

 Our blood is just one
 And runs for the Chosen One

 The pain of many,is the pain of one
 Because in Jesus Christ,we have become One.

 My family is spread in all the world
 All of them come from East to North

  South and West is where they have their nest
 I love you my brothers,you are the best.

 I pray God that my friends enter Heaven
 Have mercy of them God,they are not more than seven.

 We are united by one belief
 Who wants to destroy it,it's called the Thief

 Hey guys,our faith is not like a dry leaf
 Christianity has many to give..

 Who is better than the Lord?
 All have chosen the way of sword

 In front of death He was silent with no word
 That was to fulfill the prophecies of the world.

 Nobody could ever find Him a sin
 They thought they are better and they can win

 Search in all the world and you can't find Him a twin
 Fools is what they seem...

 Now my brothers is the end
 In front of God we have to bend

 In the church we must attend
 And the Bible comprehend

 From now on we are alone
 Satan set up his throne

 Call your sister but she's gone...
 Satan's fury is now on

 Just the faith will save your soul
 This was always the single God's goal..

                                                                                  by  Jardelle


Anonymous said...



Noor said...

Indeed beautiful, but why only pray for christians? It's like rejecting others...
Well i would like to share a thought for those who still suffer from racism, social and economic struggles, discrimination, health problems, because of their beleifs (in religion or politics),...
There's a lot of them, and for this year, let's just hope less hate and not only tolerance but true respect, and maybe even a better life for all of us.
And i don't think that fundamentally God would make a difference beetween its creation based only on what they beleive but the way they act.
But again beautiful poeme and gorgeous picture. Take care dear and i'll try your "sprout wheat" advice! I hope you're fine!

jardelle said...

I really pray for everybody,even for those who hate me and i wish we will all enter heaven but my poem was about the faith in Jesus Christ-as Son of God and i couldn't mention other religions because they might feel offended or simply because they don't have this belief.
I hope you will have good results with wheat sprout!!!!
Thank you !!

Noor said...

Thanks for the clarification ;)

Anonymous said...

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