Before to think or to write anything bad about these holy bodies,i want to remind you that they are not dead since 1 month or 1 year,they are dead since thousand of years and what you see it's a miracle.

 The flesh of a normal body putrefies completeley until remain just the bones.The bodies of these christian saints are not rotten ,as you can see,they have mummified flesh and they are flexible.They have been burried in normal conditions as any other human and not as egyptians used to burry the pharaons.
 Their smell is wonderful,same as flowers.Since they are digged up,since the gravedigger opens their tomb,they emanate this perfume that proofs their holiness.

 This is not a myth,i tell you from my own experience,the holy incorruptible bodies exist and their smell is the same as i described it.You can find lots of parts or complete bodies in our orthodox and catholic churches.From what i know catholics use to cover them with wax(i don't know if all the bodies,i just know about some) while orthodox leave them completely natural.

  Millions of people come every year from all over the world just to touch them.Their power of healing is worldwide known. So many people have cured from incurable deseases.
"Even after death they act as if alive, healing the sick, expelling demons, and by the power of the Lord rejecting every evil influence of the demons. This is because the miraculous grace of the Holy Spirit is always present in the holy relics."-Saint Ephraim the Syrian.

 In the Old Testament of the Holy Bible is a passage about the power of a dead righteous man.It was enough that another dead man just touched it so he came back to life.

 2 or 4 kings 13:21 "And it came to pass, as they were burying a man, that, behold, they spied a band of men; and they cast the man into the sepulchre of Elisha: and when the man was let down, and touched the bones of Elisha, he revived, and stood up on his feet."
 وَفِيمَا كَانُوا يَدْفِنُونَ رَجُلاً إِذَا بِهِمْ قَدْ رَأَوْا الْغُزَاةَ، فَطَرَحُوا الرَّجُلَ فِي قَبْرِ أَلِيشَعَ، فَلَمَّا نَزَلَ الرَّجُلُ وَمَسَّ عِظَامَ أَلِيشَعَ عَاشَ وَقَامَ عَلَى رِجْلَيْهِ.

 Having a pure life in Christ defies the natural laws,you become superior of your own nature: the human nature. The incorruptibility of the saints and their healing power is the garancy of the purest life a human can live and that can be done just following the teachings of christianity. A true christian-a saint will not oppose himself against death,he is humble and pure same as Jesus Christ,they suffer for Him death and the worst painful tortures.

 The purity of their heart is shown is their miraculous bodies.As Jesus Christ defied the natural laws and He performed so many miracles,He controled the wind,the sea,etc ,as He ressurected from death,the same we can have this power if we have a pure life totally dedicated to God.

 Our faith is not just a simple veneration for God,it's more than that because a christian  tries to imitate Him not just to serve Him.If God is Merciful and He can forgive a sinner, we must be the same, if somebody killed your son and you go to kill him you are far from God and you haven't surpass your human nature.

  By His Incarnation, matter has been magnified with Divine glory and has entered into the grace- and virtue-bestowing, ascetic aim of deification, or union with Christ. God has become flesh, has become human, so that the entire man, the entire body, might be filled with God and with His miracle-working forces and powers.

 The holiness of the Saints does not hold forth only in their souls, but it necessarily extends to their bodies; so it is that both the body and the soul of a saint are sanctified.

 During his life on the earth, the Saint, by a continuous and singular grace- and virtue-bestowing synergy of soul and body, attains to the sanctification of his person, filling both the soul and body with the grace of the Holy Spirit and so transforming them into vessels of the holy mysteries and holy virtues. It is completely natural, again, to show pious reverence both to the former and to the latter, both to soul and body, both of them holy vessels of God's grace.


Anonymous said...

Very interesting. We have in Greece too some saints in this condition.

Olivia said...

wow. I'm really impressed you sure do know your stuff!

morphine said...

whu,it's like in medschool:D

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Did you checked them by your own eyes ?? I cant..

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I definitely appreciate your website. Thank you for your insights and guidance.

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I appreciate your post.

Don't know why and how this can happen, but always don't forget this : our body is only temporary, but our spirit is eternal with Him.

Anonymous said...

The first pic is our father Ilie Lacatusu, he died in 1983. He was in jail during the communism just for being an intelectual, a priest, but most of all, for being a christian. He was beaten and tortured during that period. After being released he had a rough time, till his death. We worship him and love him, many people goes to his relics and finds help by praying. He had the life of a saint and he is a saint. I saw him and he is just as you see him in that pic. I am an christian orthodox from Romania.

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