I've tried a new facial treatment called Dermocell,it's an instrument that gently pulls your skin having a lifting effect.
 A session lasts 20 minutes (in my case) in which your face is massaged,the sensation is like you have something sticky on your face like honey but is just the instrument which gently drags  your skin like a vacuum.

 -ganglionic release
 -treats the fat texture
 -treats the edema
 -treats the wrinkles
 -treats the acnee scars
 -cleans the complexion and prevents the early ageing
 -stimulate collagen production

 The pronounced sanguine flux facilitates the irrigation and enhances the elasticity ,firming and the epidermis flexibility .
 The peeling improves the luminosity complexion cleaning the dead cells.
 It compets with plastic surgery in results but it excludes all the risks a surgery can have.It is also very relaxing for the body.
 Dermocell can be used also for the celulite.


Anonymous said...

Is that you in the photo my Jardelle?


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hallo... nice blog... i follow u

jardelle said...

hehe no but i wanted to make a photo while i was in the salon but i thought maybe the beautician will think i am crazy

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Is that you in the photo my Jardelle? Gerasimos