I think it's hard for others to recognize me in the dark picture :D ,i was so obsessed to tan my skin,being white for me was a sign of ugliness.That was crazyness,but i was a victim of my society beauty requirements.It was a trend to have dark skin,now we all calmed down...Thanks God i left the solarium and the sun exposure after i saw my skin damaged and i read and realized about the cancer risks.

 I still like tanned skin,your eyes look more beautiful in contrast with the skin and your hair the same..but for a white girl it's hard to conserve your tan and to be healthy also.

 I started at 14 years old to use self tanner and then until 21 years i think,i used all the methods to conserve the colour.

  Step by step i renounced at it and i re-descovered my white skin.I like it too but sometimes i feel i look pallid.I also tried the middle way-beige skin but, as my personality is very extremist ,so are my tastes.So i like or very dark skin or very white but due to vacations to sea,my skin looks beige over the year.

 White looks pure and reminds me of princess stories.I like that and you can look also younger.

 I heard many people with dark skin who wish to have white skin and those with white skin wish to have brown skin,the same about curly and straight hair...we are always discontent with what God gave to us...but i think it's the desire and the need of a change.I personally can't imagine myself having the same style all my life.I always need to change something,before i used to change my style every month,now i don't really care anymore how i look...i think from now on i should focus more about conserving my youth.

Natural mask to whiten your complexion:

1 albumen,10 g brewery yeast, 10-15 drops of lemon juice .
Keep it on your face for 20 minutes. It also hydrate and close the pores.

To live anywhere in the world today and be against equality because of race or color is like living in Alaska and being against snow.
William Faulkner



sourav said...

you look bold, cool and gorgeous in each pic.. beautiful dear..

Noor said...

Tell me about it! Fortunetly, i haven't tried everything i wanted to, i would look like a real freak.
And i've passed too through the "taned skin thing" and because i have very dark hair and eyes, it emphasizes the "whiteness", i wanted to bleach my hair in every possible colour, to gain weight, to curl my hair, and then, because its nature changes to curly (i still don't get how), i wanted to straighten them...
Well it depends on my mood in general, but now i'm more satisfied with my body.
Canons of beauty change from a culture to another, but i think that everywhere women share the same burden. And as you said youth is probably the most relevant "requirement", and i'm already anxious about it even if i'm in my 20'. I personnally focus on living a healthy life (even if it's very hard sometimes), and drinking a lot of water.
Beautiful pictures as always, but what is your current hair colour dear? Take care sweetheart!

Anonymous said...

OMG! It's you in the first photo? They are all 3 beautiful!


Girl about Oslo said...

You are a very gorgeous girl...

Have a nice day:)

Anonymous said...

To have the skin you were naturally born with it beautiful. I understand changing your hair, but your skin? - It doesn't sit well with me.

To each his/her own. Do whatever you choose and if looking whiter makes you feel beautiful then so be it. I believe people should love themselves no matter what. It takes courage, but it can be done.

Although, I am glad you went back to your skin tone, because skin damage is not a good thing.

jardelle said...

Thank you!
Lol that is me,chocolate girl ,right? lol
Noor really?You tanned your skin too?I don't know why but i always thought arabs like to be more white,maybe because i see so many arab singers bleaching their skin which it's not very good,i heard those substances contain many chemicals .
For Anonymous- i just used to expose more to the sun and i also used self tanners which are not dangerous,just normal cream....and sometimes solarium,but not too much to be a danger. The problem here is the sun from our days and it's radiations that can cause cancer.

jardelle said...

my current hair colour is brown,i still didn't decide how to change it.i wanted red but i might do it black :D

Noor said...

Hi Jardelle! I used to tan my skin because i was living at that time in Europe. For the "white skin" thing, i think it's a more relevant thing if you live in the Middle East, i come from North Africa, where a huge amount of the population has a white skin (my cousin is actually a blond girl and her brother is a red-haired boy). We also have very beautiful black people in the south, but i've never felt that skin is a beauty condition there. So when i got back to my country, i just kept my real skin colour.
Now that i'm in north america, i'm thinking that maybe i'll need to expose more to the sun...
And for the hair colour, they are both suitable for you, red would be maybe more outstanding, but black would definetly be very sexy!
Take care sweetheart!

LadyLuck27 said...

Im so happy Im natural tan, the only detail that sometimes annoy me is the make up, doesn't look that bright on tan skin like in pale skin. Still im proud of my skin tone :)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Well I really think than white skin is better, if white is your color. In the past, rich people, and from high class has white skin, tanned skin is for people who work hard under the sun, and really a lot of people think the same, the newborn stars who go to the solarium and get tanned skin are like "new rich people with poor taste".

Sailor said...

Beautiful and hot. I like both the shades!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

You're beautiful, and omg in the last picture I thought this was Haifa Wehbe!!

Anonymous said...

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