Few days ago i remembered about a crazy "game" i used to play when i was little.I was fascinated about it,i felt it was a gate to other world,i had this need to escape from my quotidian life,from my body and to descover the after life world.That was my thinking as a naive kid. Crazyness!!!!!

 The "game" was like this: a kid was standing near of a wall with his eyes closed and  and his breath stopped while counting til 10 and another kid was pressing his neck pulse until he was losing his conciousness. For a few seconds you lose your conciousness and you start dreaming,you feel your body very euphoric...

 You don't realize that everything is happening in a short time,you feel you are traveling in other world for a long time.

 One time i did this to my best friend in the classroom and she felt with her head on the closet . She could have died !

 I stopped doing this when somebody did it to me and i fell on the cement. When i woke up my body was paralyzed ,i had tingles in all my body and for a little time i lost my memory. Everybody was laughing because they did not know what i was feeling,they thought i want to fool them. Anyways i scared so much in that day,i started to cry and i gone directly home.
 From that day no more hypnoze games...

 I thought these days to search on internet to see if there are also other persons who play this "game".I was shocked to see it even has a name,it's called the fainting game or choking game and as i already imagined,many have died because of it.It's a trend among kids who are interested to discover new sensations.Incredible,i thought it was popular just among my group..

 Don't do this at home and nowhere because the risk to die is very big!!!!!!!



Anonymous said...

Nice of you to share this warning. In fact there are many dangerous, and pointless at the same time, "games", like the one standing in train rails while a train approaches and move aside excactly the last moment before it hits you!


jardelle said...

wooow i didn't know about this game :( it's better to stay calm instead of playing crazy games and dyieng because of it..but kids don't think like us

Anonymous said...

I guess this thing happens to the kids (and I am afraid they are majority) that grow up without their parents love (since the parents work 16 hours per day and the children spend their time watching TV and videogames)


sncport said...

omg! I didn't know kids play that kind of game! It's so dangerous

Anonymous said...

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