I am surprised about the huge number of fans that go crazy for the american stars or better said the stars that are popular in America.

 I can't understand how a woman like Lady Gaga can be an idol for milions of women.

  She is known for her "originality " and "creativity"...  I thought originality has to be also beautiful and to be nice to watch,not to create nightmares. I can't call originality dressing in meat or dressing in bikini on the street. In this way,it's very easy to be original,there are 1 million possibilities to show your "originality": you can put a toilet on your head instead of a hat,dress in vegetables,put a pumpkin instead of head and who knows what other strange "clothes". It sounds easy to be an artist.



 I call a real artist the one who creates art and it is a piece of art.Stylish clothes,makeup that makes you look beautiful and not like a circus freak,feminity,delicacy,moral values,etc.

  Why all the MTV singers like to be masculine,to have an aggressive atitude and to be vulgare and cheap? I feel they want to copy men.
  They have good voices,so why do they need all these shocking ways to attract the public eye? Some of them are real beautiful (exemple Rihanna,Beyonce) but i think sometimes they forget to have the delicacy a woman must have.

 If you look at the arab stars-you see the opposite. Women are women,they know how to dress ,how to look elegant ,feminine,stylish and to shine like real divas.They don't need to kiss with other singers,nor to reaveal their breast on the scene and nor to put blood on their skin. They are simply beautiful.Even their videos are so cute and full of joy and positive atitude.

                                                    Haifa Wehbe

 A long sexy dress it's 100 times more beautiful than those spaceman costumes.I know the revealed skin sells,but if you know how to look good in clothes,you can have success also dressing like a human being.
                                                   Lady Gaga



Nancy Ajram

Najwa Karam


Anonymous said...

American culture is a piece of junk.

Noor said...

Very true...But so funny as well. Let's just say beauty canons are different, and you'll be noticed in Europe or North America if you're different. When you are someone who can not sing that well, you have to give them something they've never saw. Being vulgar and "sexy" (for me it's more sexual than sexy) is sometimes seen as a beauty thing.
But in the "arabic world", being beutiful means being beautiful and nothing more, you also have to be a little classy if you want to stay in the system. The voices of the singers of the "mainstream music" are not at all exceptionnal, so they have to focus a lot on their image, and be as beautiful as they can be (even if they have to use plastic surgery). And they are definetly gorgeous, but it creates a kind of race for beauty, that our society perpetuates. Take care sweetheart!

LadyLuck27 said...

I like LadyGaga music but she isn't an idol for me, i don't like how her dress neither how she even act, only her music - done. and Yeah like Garasimos already said "American culture is a piece of junk" But the truth is, America doesn't even have a culture. Is like a country with no soul, no respect or ethic... i love my country (Puerto Rico) we have a pretty culture.

Hardcore Makeup Junkie said...

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Anonymous said...

LadyLuck27 You are lucky to live in Puerto Rico! I understand you since I live in another beautiful country, Greece. And indeed, the US is not excactly a nation or a country. It's more like a big, capitalistic company to me. And a pity for all those good-hearted residents it has, since there is NO American dream


alessandra nitti said...

love your blog!!! so much! ;-)


LadyLuck27 said...

Agree with you Gerasimos the American Dream is a fake story to blind the people, sadly they came back with nothing after so many frustrations.


Anonymous said...

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LVB said...

I agree with you completely here.

These "artists", not only American but also many European pop stars, are supporting this evil agenda of the corporate elite in music, movies, tv and fashion.

I believe it is the "price tag" of fame in our world now, sadly.

The worst part in all of it is the sexualization of younger and younger target audiences (children), in all forms of mass media.

Parents should be very careful about what their kids are watching and thinking is "so cool".

Anonymous said...

Well this is why Rihanna, Beyonce , Lady Gaga are known. They are interesting, original creative. Not some typical girlnext door, average dress wearing bimbo. Sorry but its rare to find someone (thats not middle eastern) that knows about hayfe wehbe or those other women. Also, women dont have to be ANYTHING. They dont have to be feminine, they dont have to be girly, they dont have to be masculine, they dont have to be boring or creative. A woman is a woman, and she can choose to act and dress however she ants. I like the fact that you told that that was your OPINION and not something ALL women in the world should do. This was a post I was highly dissapointed in , but I really like the rest of your blog :) Especially the makeup! I hope this didint sound too harsh btw.