1. Three things that describe you:

2. Three things that you hate the most:
 -injustice,to see kids suffering,to hear about raped girls

3.Three things that you love the most:
 -Jesus Christ,my family,me

4.Three passions:
- beauty in all the ways,to create (anything),internet

5. What zodiacal sign are you?

6.What books do you prefer to read?
-religious books

7.What disturbs you the most at people?
-when they are bad with innocent people

8.What would you like to change about you?
-my EGO-i wish to be more humble and to can leave my head down.If someone slaps me i wish not to answer back.

9.What clothes do you prefere to wear?
-I'm not the cosy clothes type..i like sexy(but not vulgare) and elegant clothes..and always high heels

10.What things would you take with you on a lonely island?
-The Holy Bible,a mirror,my make-up

11.What is the major reason for which you usually suffer?
-the fights in my family
-when i sin

12.Do you have some tricks to share?
-Yes,i like to take photos in the mirror because your face looks more nice ,your nose looks smaller and no oily face.
-Just with a lip pencil i can make my lips look 2 times bigger
-i know how to work my abs without to get tired.

13.What do you wish to do in your life?
-honestly...to save my soul

14.One of your scars,how did you get it?
-i have a scar in my chin since i was little and  i felt from the swing

15.What is on the walls on your room?
-icons and a paint with a beautiful woman

16.Do you get scared in the dark?
-oh yeahhh...i also run in the dark

17.What kind of hair/eye do you like in the opposite sex?
-black/brown eyes,black hair

18.What was the last gift someone gave you?
3 blouses,4 makeup brushes( i really needed them),sweets and underwear-all in 1 gift

19.Favorite clothing brand?
-of course the king....VERSACE

20. What's your dream car?
-powerful and big cars- HUMMER

21.What annoys you most?
-people who like to speak too much about  unimportant things and to stay too much with people i don't know

22.Do you have any secrets?
-yes,lots but they are known just by me.I am always my best friend.

23.Ever done a prank call?
-it was my favorite activity when i was a kid :D

24.What do you get complimented about most?
-about beauty and that i'm good girl lol i hate to hear these things

25.What did you last eat?

26.Do you like your handwriting?
-not really,it looks like a kid handwriting

27.Any bad habits?
-so lazyyyyyyy :(

28.If you were another person would you be friends with you?
-if i would be the same as me,i would certainly be friend with me :D

29.Do looks matter?
-of course,the most in society...and i'm taking advantages from it

30.How do you realease anger?
-by speaking about what made me angry

31.Do you use sarcasm?
-i love it

32. What do you look for in a guy?
-to know how to love me,to do anything for me and to fulfill my wishes

33.The first thing you notice in the opposite sex?
-the face

34. Are you too shy to ask somebody out?

35.Relationships or one night stands?
-of course relationships but also them have restrictions....if you care about God's word.

36.Anyone in love with you?
-i think Habibi :D

37.Have you ever peed in the woods?
-Yes,i've stopped to make pee and my group haven't notice me so they've gone and i've found myself alone in the wood ( i was 12 years old i think)...i run like a crazy

38.Would you ever strip or pose nude in a magazine?
-no way,my intimate parts are just for the one i love,the rest is just skin and i don't mind to expose it.

39.Do you want to get married?
-yes of course,i just need to find the right person for that

40.Do you like beer or liquor?
-sweet liquor,i hate beer

41.Have you ever cheated?

42.What food could you absoluteley never give up?
-sweets and meat

43.Do you think you're attractive?

44.Ever had your heart broken?
-lol yes until 17 years old but after that my heart got so strong and nothing can put me down...sometimes i wish to cry but i can't

45.How do you feel about breast implants?
I know many women love them but do you realize that is just an ilussion?You put plastic in your breasts and then wow i have big breasts...i have nothing against who does it,if they are happy with it,then it's ok but i don't find anything cool about it.

46.Do you think love is real for young people?
-no,i don't think teenagers love for real....i hate to see girls crying like crazy about boys and after 2 months they already passed at the second....

47.How do you want to raise your kids?
-they will have hard life with me...i want them very faithful to God and to keep them away from all the temptations.If i will have girl,i won't teach her to love makeup or fashion,i don't want my kids to be like me...but if they will like it,i won't fobidden it.

48.Where would you like to live?
-I think in Israel,i would feel like in heaven even if there is war but the thought that there have passed so many saints,my Saviour and all the people of the Holy Book makes me to adore this land.

49.The city life or the quiet life?
-I can't live too much in quiet cities,i get depressed..i am a quiet person and i love calm life but when i see that boring life i feel like i lose my time and my life in vain even though in the nature you have time to think about many important things while in the city we often forget..

50.Describe your type of person?
-serious and conservative about life, liberal about the way i look
-feminine but not weak
-delicate but a fighter for the things i REALLY love
-very calm and slow in actions


LinhNOTSKINNY said...

i want a hummer too :DD

Anonymous said...

We agree in almost anything I see (that's why we became friends). We are both Taurus, that explains a lot...Me too I get nervous when I see injustice. About the things on the lonely island, I suggest a GPS and a satellite phone! About the dark you may listen "Fear of the dark" by Iron Maiden! About the dream car, check my fb photo. We are both messy and a bit lazy I see and we both do a lot of sarcasm (in the black humour type).And I'm pretty sure there are a lot of men in love with you...
Gerasimos (big hug to my friend)

jardelle said...

haha you are Taurus too????? Really?Now i understand why we became friends...I will write an article about Taurus,be careful!

Anonymous said...

Oops! Secrets revealed!

Antoinette said...

You are such an inspiring woman. Fantastic blog.


Vivek Chamoli said...

Hi Jardelle


Hmm Nice Questioner,

Top 50 , too many isn't it.

I follow only 3 things

Love peace and harmony ..rest will follow you.

we do have lots of desires but , if we control them to achieve the most important i.e our life's goal then rest will be easy.

thanks for sharing.

If you get time do visit back.

BTW you have got a nice blog with amazing posts :)

was a nice read.

take care

Anonymous said...

Am a female Taurus too! I see alot of commonalities between us lol :)

Anonymous said...

why u are such a racist whore? what happened that u have to bash other religions?

Queen of shr said...

i have questions for you sweety ;p
how old r u ? and where r u from ? and what did u study ? did u finish university?

and about the car i hate the hummer its tooo big and its not for sexy lady like you ,, you should drive Porsche Carrera red ccolor wooow you will look very sexy and elegant :)