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 These contacts enlarge your eyes,it completely change your eye colour even for dark eyes....i love them.

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 The green lenses  are so comfortable to wear,you even don't feel you have lenses. I always thought Freshlook is the best brand but comparing the two ,i find more cool these ones and i don't mean just about the colour but also the fact that they are so easy to wear.
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Using powder or not
 I have to admit i've always had misconceptions about using powder but i think the new loose powders can look so natural that you can barely see you have it on your face.
 I tried the mineral powder from and i'm very happy with it,you can achieve a perfect finish without to look cakey.I don't say that because i'm sponsored by them,but i really like it and i'm gonna use it for special occassions.On a daily basis i prefere just foundation. 
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"Benefits of Peach for Skin

Peach benefits for skin are mainly attributed to the presence of alpha-hydroxy acids (abbreviated as AHAs). They serve as natural exfoliating agents and help in getting rid of dead skin cells from the face. After removal of debris and inactive cells, new cells will develop to replace the old ones. This brings about a smoother, softer and lighter skin tone. In addition, peach contains anti-inflammatory agents to counteract skin inflammation symptoms. Overall, it benefits in improving skin health by combating clogged skin pores, wrinkles, blemishes, sun spots, irritation and infections. "

"Benefits of yogurt for Skin

While most people have heard about the benefits of eating yogurt, they may not realize the many benefits it offers their skin. Yogurt's antibacterial properties make it a useful, degerming cleanser, and its lactic-acid content soothes irritation, clarifies the pores and softens the skin. Finally, yogurt is known for its probiotics (live, active cultures), which are helpful in naturally treating skin conditions such as acne and eczema."

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