My wishes list for 2011:

   I know 90% of my wishes will not fulfill,but i just keep hoping.

   For 2011 i wish :

 -to have calmness and peace in my soul

 - to pray more

 -to find and start a serious relationship with a good man compatible with me

 -to try creating my own family

 -to show more love to people around me

 -health for my family and to see them finally happy

 -to heal my tooth that is sick since 9 months  and the doctor could not find anything good to heal it.

 -to try to save up money for the future

 I think is the first year when i don't want anything material....i just want peace in my soul.

 I feel in 2011 things will get worst about my family that's why i can't think at anything material.


Indian Sarees said...

just smile always..thats all..

jardelle said...

Is hard to smile if you are not happy.

Anonymous said...

I wish the same things (excluding the tooth of course! Try to use some aloe vera and it's quite possible that in a few days it will be fine. Ask me for details). As Indian Sarees says SMILE. It solves everything! (excluding teeth!)