Every time when the month of december comes,i cannot forget about the communism period from my country and the bloody revolution for freedom.

Here is the little me ,scared,shy,trying to survive in a crazy world,always trambled under foot in the
crowded buses...that teddy bear was sent from Italy(risky expedition),you couldn't find something like that in my country in those times.

 For me communism has a colour,a smell and a feeling...

 The colour is grey because all the buildings had and still have this depressing colour .In our lifes were missing the colours,our clothes were dark,simple and boring,the products-all so simple designed..Everything for me was grey and boring,imagine for a Barbie girl is hard to live in a grey world :D ,we feel comfortable when we are surrounded by pink-that's our favorable medium :))

 All i remember about the smell of communism is the aroma of  bananas because it was a real joy to have something so "rare".We bought them green(not even mature)  and put them on the larder until they got yellow....but because i was so greedy,i ate them unripe wooow unripe bananans give you such a strange sensation in your mouth  :(( So many people remember about these bananas,it sounds strange but our food was limited at bread,eggs,chicken(in good days).
 Our shops were all empty,when they brought eggs or chicken people were fighting for them ,there were kilometer queues and so desperete people.The queue for food was the chat room for the people of those times,so many friendships had started there because practically you were spending 24 hours with the same persons......24 hours to procure your food mmmmmm...  this is the communism
 Our lifes were controlled by 2 tyrants,we were starving while they were playing with food.The sound of communism is the silent,people couldn't express themselves,they had to bend,they couldn't go to church or to have relations with people from outside.They brainwashed us and they tried to hide the good way of life of people from foreign countries.We couldn't have contact with them,if you had any relations with foreigners,you were taken by the police,they also took my mum to the mayor because she was corresponding with a foreign guy.

 My feeling for that period-even though i was very little i remember everything-was a feeling of unity,people were gathering together and help each other,kids were all playing outside..we had 1 or 2 TV channels and when there were cartoons everybody was in the house happy for that little time dedicated to children.
  I know from my parents that was a fear to speak  about your wealth or against the system with people you don't know well.There were so many spies working for the government who could play false.

 Santa Claus was also forbidden  because he reminded  of the birth of Jesus Christ which was forbidden along with the religion.So we celebrated another Santa on 31 december.So many churches had been destroyed by this enslaver....
 They taught people not to believe in God and stop going to church.

 I will never forget these memories,all the people who lived in that period has the same memories and we are united by this experience,the tiranic communism cannot be removed from our heads,has left us a plague that cannot be healed.

 Here is the bloody end of the tirany.The 2 tyrants were sentenced to death on the Christmas day- i still cannot accept this.


Noor said...

I have to tell you i didn't know you lived in Romania...
And i think we don't hear a lot about that part of history (well i lived in Europe so i studied it, but for my non-european fellows, they actually don't really know anything about the "ceaucescu period". And sometimes, enven europeans themselves don't really care about knowing what's going on with the rest of the continent.)
I had a friend from Bulgaria, well the same was happening there, and when she was telling me the same kind of things than you do, i was quite in a state of shock, because when you study it, it's not really the same than when someone who lived there tell you what was going on.
Thanks for sharing this part of your past (and make us know more about the communism experience), and i understand that you still can't accept the sentence, because of its "rudeness", enven if what they did is extremely wrong.
But just a little question: have you return there? and if yes, what were the most significant transformation in society, you've noticed?
Best wishes!

jardelle said...

You are right Noor,the history books does not relate also these experiences,they remain unwritten but alive in people hearts.
Yes,i can't accept their sentence because i am not for death penalty but i understand their decision,they had to kill them because they were afraid of their influence that might have also in jail so they wanted to be sure everything has finished....but it was the Christmas day hmmmmm not very nice to think about it,i have also seen the tape how they are executed.....,you can see it also in this video.
People there still have a sort of comunist mentality,many wish to have back the old system because so many people live worst now than before.After 20 years of freedom,there is still a chaos and people work for salaries of misery.People became selfish and there is no more unity.Before they had money but nothing to buy with them,now they have an explosion of products but they don't have money(there are also many rich),before they had jobs,now you have to fight for a job.The government does not help the people with anything,it's so much corruption,everywhere you go you have to pay(under the table,not legally).There is no more respect for teachers,for old persons,for anything...they misunderstood the significance of freedom.

Noor said...

It's interresting that you talk about it, beccause i've seen too, this nostalgia of the past, where people had only to struggle for food, the other basic needs in a society such as work, social security and education, were provided by the state. Now, little by little, liberalism has introduced a new "way of life", but is not the panacea...Hope the best for them, God knows how much it is difficult to manage to overcome the difficulties of life.
And thank you again for sharing your past with us, i enjoy reading you. Take care dear!

jardelle said...

Thank you sweetheart !! You too take care of you!

Rakhshanda said...

Great post!! Thanks for sharing:))
Nice blog honey...try checking out mine. Hope you like it.
I'm following you:))

salwar said...

childhood memories are always makes us cry...