Mafia does not forgive.

  Mafia does not have mercy,does not forget and forgive.The proof for this is the bloody end for a few persons that took my attention and touched my heart.
  One of them is a beautiful young model who died of hanging in a tree with her hands tied up and her bag hanged near of her.Inside it was a hammer and a nail.The cable with whom she was hanged was taken by her from her own house.For this reason,her case ended as "suicide",in fact the attorney couldn't find the criminals and they were afraid for their lifes.Nobody knows why she took the cable and the nails but for sure she didn't commit suicide but she was killed.She was taken by force in a car by 2 men and brought in the forest.She wasn't raped,nor robbed...they just killed her.
  First she was strangled and then hanged in the tree.Why would someone tie up his hands before to get hanged?


 The second case is even more emotional because one of the subjects is a 6- years- old girl who was shot in her house along with her mother while she was watching cartoons.

 His dad couldn't pay his debits so 2 soldiers (as they are called by the Mafia -those who execute the orders) came to their house and after the woman opened the door,they shot them in their heads.
 These 2 crimes took place in my country.

 Giovanni di Matteo is another kid from Italy ,victim of the Mafia.He was tortured for 26 months but he was finally strangled .Right after,his body was molten in acid to destroy the evidence.

 My mum had a very good friend shot too by the Mafia in Italy.

 Omerta is the code of silence ,the silence of the people who see,hear and know about Mafia's crimes but they keep silent.

 Omerta is based on fear,one sicilian proverb says :"He who is deaf, blind, and silent will live a hundred years in peace"-“Cu è Surdu, orbu e taci, Campa cent’anni “mpaci -”
 Speaking about Mafia's activities,collaborating with the autorities can bring you death.
 They can look and behave so normal that you would never imagine they are part of the Mafia. Most of them are very faithful and have morale principles.

Mafia is not just in movies,but it is among us .

"Through Force Of Arms, We Conquer"
 Mafia's motto


Noor said...

It's so much horrible that i can't even describe how much this sort of crime makes me sick. How can you kill someone in cold blood like that. And when it's about children, it's more discusting because they are out of this game. Mafia is a subject that is difficult to analyse because it's a kind of "spider's web", you don't really know in what extend it goes, but you know mafia is well implemented every where (maybe Russia is the other country that suffers the most of it, with for exemple the using of rackets even on poor people). But the thing that makes you sad, is to see that even when someone try to speak about it and to act honestly, this person got killed (like some judges in Italy, or the woman who worked for a newspapper in Moscow) or threatened (like Roberto Saviano).
What i can say about it is that now, with the European Union and globalisation, Mafia got even stronger, it manages to get "international", participating in the economic battlefields.
But in the case of Italy and Russia i'm quite more worried because it manages to implement in the political ground.
Let's wait and see...i still have some hope for the future, because little by little, Mafia is getting marginalized by the population, maybe the big change will come from society.

Indian Sarees said...

realy sad news,,

Anonymous said...

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Flickr said...

Why you who wrote about the mafia is involved with mafia? this is why i don't understand why you did this mistake

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