For me is clear now,there is no way to deal with a muslim.And i'm talking about a non-religious muslim.Politic,Hezbollah and jihad were more important for him than a human..than me.

  I find it ridiculous to say i broke up with my boyfriend who always used to love and respect me after i told him i do not agree and support Hezbullah.
 If a good person like him became so fanatical,means something is wrong there.
 Jihad will destroy the world and muslim's souls.

 I know now i have to respect more the holy Bible and the orthodox canons and to choose partner from my own religion,with the same beliefs.You cannot have a happy life when you search to have a good and normal life with everybody and to forgive your enemies while your partner chooses to revenge on those with different ways of life.
 Eye for an eye and the world will be blind.

 I love so much arabs,no matter what religion they have ,but i think there is too much hatred and this hatred comes first from the islamic religious leaders who preach this.
 I am not talking in a bad way just because of this experience,before him i had lots of other bad experiences with muslims when i tried to have a normal conversation about religion.I never thought all are the same,i know there are good and bad persons in every religion. But now,I thought i really met a very good man,better than most of the christians but i got shocked to realise he has something else in his heart,for sure not the love.
 I am not a good christian and i don't considere myself nor a good person but i would never break up with somebody because he does not like my favorite politic organization. I even accepted he follows a religion that says lies about my Saviour.

 If you are a muslim and read this ,i am really sorry.I am just mad because people were right about what they've told me about muslims. I said No,not all are fanatical...and now i receive another slap from them if you understand what i mean.

 I don't hate my ex,i really care about him and wish for him just happiness but i'm really mad because a  good and open-minded person like him has these black thoughts.

 These days i read the news about a girl from my country,before she had a passion for fashion,makeup and beauty until she converted to islam and became a radical muslim.She also convinced her husband to be the same..before to meet her ,he had a free way of life. Two days ago i think ,the man exploded himself in Sweden in the name of jihad,after he got convinced by her.
 No comment...

 I just wish muslims could open their eyes and souls to love and peace and to search to have a beautiful and peaceful life.

 Quran 9:5, But when the forbidden months are past, then fight and slay the Pagans wherever you find them, and seize them, beleaguer them, and lie in wait for them in every stratagem.


Noor said...

Hi jardelle i hope you're fine, even if the situation is difficult.
Well i'm think i'm concerned about this post (i'm muslim) and all i can tell you is to try not to fall in the general islamophobia (even if it's nowadays difficult because of the way we are depicted by medias).
Your boyfriend was a fanatical stupid (sorry for the rudeness) ,but he only represents himself. Behaving like a violent person is NOT the way most muslim do (maybe you just picked up the wrong guy). I don't know him personnaly but he seems a quite crazy, there are religious people who aren't fanatical (the most important part of muslims fortunetly, 1.4 billions of fanatical muslims would have been a real problem).
Anyway, islam is extremely different from a country to another, maybe he is sunni or shia i don't know but the point is that it depends on your own interpretation of the religion (like the protestants), so the way i see religion is for sure different than every body else (even in my family, each one has a different approach of religion).
And again, the use of religion for a political mean is extremely dangerous, and most muslims (that i know) are against it.
And just to finish, the verse of the Coran you choose was for a special context: the war against the "pagans" who wanted do destroy the city of the prophet (so it was for defending themselves).
Today, i don't even watch television because i know they will say again something like "muslims are violent, look what they did..", the violence of a tiny minority is causing us trouble (not to mention that in my country, 200 000 people who were muslims have been killed by crazy people like that, in the name of religion).
I know my post is looong, but just to say that we muslims are the victimes of the acts of those freaks (in french, there is a proverb, saying that a tree that falls makes more noise than all the ones that are growing), and medias with their reductions aren't making us justice at all.
Well i just wanted to clear all this stuff, i know my religion is still unknown by the increasing majority, so if you want other precisions, i can explain, there is no problem.
Take care dear!, he is not a loss at all, and i hope you'll undestand that he only represents himself.

Doctor Catsburger said...

Wow, Thats rough We just had to have Sweet Bertha locked up for stealing the Baby Jesus from the nativity scene She's a heathen and was only trying to get money for crack.Now She is calling here collect from the jailhouse wanting us to put money on the books for cigarettes and snacks. I don't think so! I wanted to find a new Mom for the kids So I got up early and went down to welfares but there wasn't any good ones, the middle of the month is always a bad time I guess I dont want to marry one of My fans because they are creepy spies who turn my unauthorized tapes over to the underground to sell and pimp My practice, it sucks I know but You be strong Girl Your very beautiful and I love You to dance in My Cats videos someday !!
Love Ya,Doctor CatsburgerBoo

jardelle said...

I wish he will not read this comment :D because i think he already hates me for writing this post.I really don’t know what happened to him,we just had the first time this discussion and he got very angry.I never expected from him to be so radical because he is a very intelligent guy and even more open-minded than me.He is really a good and special person but I think he loves too much politic.Anyways he has never been violent,he knows how to respect women that's why i'm even more shocked about his reaction.
Thanks for writing your opinion Nour,I respect it!
What are you saying thereeeeeee Doc???????????? :))

Noor said...

Fighting is common to every couple, and maybe the "anger" you expressed was a sign of your love.
You two are strong believers, and that creates some misunderstandings...
Anyway good luck my friend, multicultural lovestories are the most difficult to deal with but are also the most powerful, because both of you managed to get through prejudice at the begining.
Have a nice day sweetheart, i'm sending you good vibes ;)

MARiZA Munich, Germany said...

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I like your blog. He's great. You can read more interesting and you can see many great pictures. that's what I like!

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Anonymous said...

First sorry for my english, I am a french girl

Jardelle, I agree with Noor but I am less comprehensive, because you are what we call a raciste person. There is no other word to describe your opinion !
I've find your article on your ex really immature. "My ex is a fanatic muslim so every muslim are fanatic" What is that !? Too much people think like you and is not tolerable ! Such a speech is really annoying, especially for muslims like me who practice there religion without disturbing anybody.
You say that Islam is not a religion of peace but you know nothing about Islam ! So please inform yourself before talking and don't be blind by the media...
Since you were talking about a man who exploded himsef I would like to tell you that, in Islam, self-murder is forbidden (the punishment is hell), so do you really think this man is muslim ? I don't consider him a a muslim because a real muslim would never do that ! I agree that some people kill in the name of Allah, but Allah never told them to kill anybody!! You musn't confuse the speech of our God and the bad interpretation of some stupid and crazy people.
You have to understand that what you are saying can be hurtful for "good" muslims.
You know what, in France many priests are accused of pedophilie (which is, I think you will agree, absolutely shocking and disgusting!)... Am I saying that all priests are pedophile...? No, I don't, muslims don't... but you christian say that we are all violent... So now please don't tell me that muslims souls are full of hate...

Anonymous said...

What words..

Anonymous said...

its sad, that you have to provocate people to get attention, you just generalize things and have a smal view. you dont need to do this shit, really, its good to believe on god, but u should always respect others. your blog is good i like your themes that u choose, but please dont be so fanatic

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to hear you and your boyfriend broke up, but that is no reason to stereotype every muslim as a psycho. Love, i think you need to do some research, watch less biased crap on TV, and read about the illuminati. Islam and Christianity have many common links, litte do you know. the book of Revelations is a part of Islam, Islam is a religion of peace and harmony. The world is run by FAKE christians and FAKE muslim terrorists.

Do some freemason research,
research Building 7 9/11, bilderberg, illuminati, etc.

90% of media is controlled by evil people- they are not Muslim, and they are not Christian.

And Muslims and Christians can live together happily, so dont be so narrow-minded next time you post on your blog, yeah?

Anonymous said...

and Jihad is interpreted as a struggle- whether you are defending your religion, or staying strong with faith and avoiding evil doings.

My brother is married to a girl who is Christian, and all the women in my family wear hijaab. I dont wear hijaab, doesnt mean people in my family are backwards.

In Christianity and Judaism, women are supposed to cover their hair and bodies for modesty- doesnt mean theyre crazy, I cant believe how disrespectful you appear of another persons religion, sheer ignorance on your part.

and I dont know what kind of Muslims you know, but all the Muslim people Ive come across in my life are all very different people- yet they are all respectful, friendly, and open minded.

jardelle said...

I don't know why muslims think we take our informations from the media...i don't need media to see what is islam,in the meda i just see the effect of islam. I read Quran and 7adith and i got shocked to see so much hatred...everywhere kill kill ,behead,fight..i was really disappointed but happy that i have a pure religion.This religion has succeeded to gain so many enemies in such a short period...and that it's not because we are bad people,but in islam there are really serious problems that disturb many.
Everybody wants to live in peace but as long as muslims will follow quran and wil try to conquer the world and islamize the world,there will never be peace.
It's easy to call me intolerant,but look first in the quran and see who was disrespectful with christians,with my holy Bible,with women and the list can continue.
I have respect for other religions,but islam is the single religion that does not have respect for me as a christian,as a woman,as a human..

Amoura said...

I am really happy that I discovered your blog! I can't belive how much we have in common. It's actually kinda scaring me a little lol.. I am also an orthodox Christian and I have dated muslims. Many actually. My last boyfriend was from Egypt. I was so in love with him. He made me belive that we would have a wonderful life together and that I would never have to convert. But I realized later he was a liar. He told me he couldn't be with me if I didn't convert. The sad part is, I agreed to convert. However, God put a stop to the relationship and sent me many messages through my dreams. We broke up last August and it is still really hard for me. However, I feel like God saved me and I am so much closer with Him now. I feel like this happened in my life for a reason. I also have done ALOT of research on Islam and read the Quran and I came to the same conclusion as you. I realize now I want to marry an Orthodox Christian. If a man does not have Christ in his heart, then he has no love in his heart. Relationships between Christians and Muslims are truly impossible. They will never work out in the end. I see that now. It's nice to know there are others who have gone through what I have gone through. It really does strengthen my faith even more :)

jardelle said...

Thanks for writing me Amoura,i'm happy to know your story,i hope you will or you already converted back to christianity because being a muslim means you deny Jesus Christ-as He was for real,the Son of God.
It never happened to me that a muslim asked to convert to islam because i was very clear from the beginning,but i know lots of stories of women married with muslims and i can say their life is a nightmare. I mean about women who have a personality ,not about those who do what their husbands order. Depends of what man you find..
I hope now you are sure about your faith and you understood who is the true God and what religion teaches the true love,forgiveness and mercy and who teaches the war and the killing of sinners.
We have an awesome God Amoura !!!!!

Anonymous said...

wow you are shallow no where in the quran it says kill. i don't believe you read it, plus muslims also believe in jesus so how can they deny him? i read in the bible if a man rapes a women he has to pay money to the father then marry her..
or all the paedophile priests who molest and rape children...
also muslims worship the same god as christians.
Obviously your not a good christian since you don't know how to love and accept others like many good chrisitians i know who accept islam as a good religion

MaviDeniz said...

thank you for posting things like this. it was very insightful. i do believe many of the worlds problems are do to the muslims and extreamist. your story about your ex reminds me of my mom's situation. she went out with a muslim man for a very long time and while they dated he told her she never would have to convert. they eventually married and a few months after the marriage he started pressuring her to convert to islam. it caused a lot of fighting's at first b/c she didn't believe in his religion but she loved him so much that she said she would. the night before she planned on going through with it she said she saw her dead father telling her she will burn in hell if she does it, she also saw what she thought looked like mosses. long beard and and wearing long drapped clothing. she was standing at a fork in the road and there was 2 pathways and he lead her down the one of her religion. in the morning she told her husband that she couldn't convert and they divorced soon after. i definitely believe islam is an evil religion that only preaches hate. she was ok to be with him forever no matter what his religion and he wasn't able to do the same.

Anonymous said...

Marhaba Jardelle !

I really love your beauty blog, and I think you're one of the most beautiful girl I've seen mash'Allah !, but to speak frankly I'm very shocked by your opinion about Islam.
You said that Islam is a religion of hatred and you boast of the purity of Christianity, but do you have forgotten what The Crusades did to Muslims ? And what about the violent Inquisition happened in Europe ? There is too many examples of how human can take a religion to do something bad...The problem is not religion, the problem is how human deal with it.
You can't take Islam and say that is a religion of hatred, its a nonsense. I respect all monotheist religion, because Muslims recognize what God have sent to us (Judaism, Christianism and Islam)so
I respect Christianity too but I think you shouldn't talk if you didn't really well study the question. I agree with you about fanatical and limited people, but don't you see that with your speech you are very close to be one of them ? I think we should try to understand the other opinion instead of being limited by the very few person we've met. Don't forget that you're in Saoudi Arabia, and you surely know better than me that they're not the best example of Muslims people.
Insh'Allah ya Rab you wil change your bad opinion about Islam, 'cause believe me, if you travel a bit and see other Muslims you won't have this kind of speech. I'm a sunni muslim coming from Lebanon, and I absolutely not agree whith these extreme schools of Islam.

Best Regards,

Sara from Geneva.

Anonymous said...

There are also many very good hearted and honest saudi men that would never let such issues causes such fuss with their girl/wife.
Maybe I have seen many good examples where honesty and sacrifice on their behalf was needed and laid out freely so they could marry the one they love in a culture so strict trying to dictate their needs.
And to them I have to give thumbs up for their true hearts.

Anonymous said...

Be smart enough to understand that it's not about religion, but about peolpe who spoil it. Islam is a beautiful religion just like any other ok

Anonymous said...


You did very well to dump your boyfriend.

There are people here who do not know anything about Islam yet they open their mouth to call you racist.

You are not racist, you are very right. Every muslim is indeed a fanatic, some of them are only latent fanatics. Like hot amber under ash.

This is because they are following a religion whose essential ingredients will lead you to fanaticsm and ultimately Jihad.

If you are a Jihadist you are more like Muhammad than the so called modern muslims.

I will give you another reason why it is good that you dumped your boyfriend.

How many muslim men and women will tolerate the sight of a muslim girl or woman being with a non-muslim man?

My answer is none. Because in the Quran it is clearly written than a muslim woman can not be with non-muslim men.

I am saying this from a personal experience. I actually got to your post because I am going through a break up (its been almost a year now) and the pain is so much. I was with a muslim lady and she broke up with me under the influence and cajoling of muslim men who could not tolerate that.

This is the quranic verse which disallows muslim women from marrying none muslims:

[Quran 2:221]
“And give not (your daughters) in marriage to Al‑Mushrikoon till they believe (in Allaah Alone) and verily, a believing slave is better than a (free) Mushrik (idolater), even though he pleases you. Those (Al-Mushrikoon) invite you to the Fire, but Allaah invites (you) to Paradise and forgiveness by His Leave, and makes His Ayaat (proofs, evidences, verses, lessons, signs, revelations, etc.) clear to mankind that they may remember”

What follows here is an interpretation from one of Islams classic scholars:
Imam al-Tabari said:

What is said concerning the interpretation of the words “And give not (your daughters) in marriage to Al‑Mushrikoon till they believe (in Allaah Alone) and verily, a believing slave is better than a (free) Mushrik (idolater), even though he pleases you” is that what Allaah meant by that is that Allaah has forbidden the believing women to give birth to a mushrik, no matter what kind of shirk he believes in. So, O believers, do not give your daughters in marriage to them, for that is forbidden to you. For you to give them in marriage to a believing slave who believes in Allaah and His Messenger and that which he brought from Allaah is better for you than to give them in marriage to a free mushrik even if he is of noble descent and honourable origins, even if you like his descent and background…

So if you look at it more closely, this is simply religious racism, discrimination at its best. And the ultimate goal is simply political and economical; that is to increase the number of muslims. Because muslims will only give birth to muslims and can even entrap other men into their religion.

You should give this to the person who called you racist.

So I do not see why any muslim man should be with a non-muslim woman.

Jadaelle, let me say it again you did very well!

You can get more information on Islam on this site:

Anonymous said...

CRAP, CRAP and CRAP AGAIN!!! Why can't you just write something good .. You are a really bad person .. didn't you knew that? You are what people would like to call "racist" you hate muslims .. Why? just because you had a idiot, who called himself muslim without being one!? A real muslim can't have girlfriends, so that's the first proof .. and there are a lots of more if you like to know. You and your boyfriend was/is a loser like you!!! He shouldn't dump you, cause you are really match each other!! LOSERS!! Fakeass .. You don't thinking before writing .. a good advise from me; Delete this fucking blog.
And please, don't act like a cristian - cause you aren't one of them .. A real christian wouldn't hate muslims, a real christian would not be like you at all .. selfish and ugly .. You have the worst attitude I have ever seen before .. How can you live with yourself! Ugly Bitch..

*You look like a fucking bitch when you make your "kiss mouth" on the pictures.. why do you think it's beautiful?? it's no!
*If you really want to be a christian, then first delete this blog - you only have this blog because you think people like L'oreal will make some contract with you .. and you will be famous .. But you as you know - YOU WILL NEVER BE FAMOUS AND YOU WILL NEVER BE BEAUTIFUL - YOU WILL ONLY DIE IN THE HELL
Change yourself, fin the truth in your life otherwise die like a dog.

Anonymous said...

Anon you are calling her bitch and fucker yet she is the one that hates you.

You are clearly stupid when you say a Muslim cannot have a girlfriend because once you see a girl and like her and conceive the idea of marrying her she becomes you girlfriend she won't be your girl enemy because u will do for her special things which you wouldn't do for others.

Well except you stole her from a raid or she is just a sex slave.

Anonymous said...

I found your blog by coincidence and I want to correct your conceptions about Islam and Jihad.

Islam is a religion that calls for peace and that is the original message from prophet Mohammed may peace be upon him.
Jihad does not about killing or taking revenge on non-Muslims. It's about spreading Islam and it does not motivate killing.

Look I consider myself to be a religious and I have enough knowledge to say that Muslims today are oppressed and persecuted in Palestine and Iraq by Jews (leave politics aside) so who is the one calling for violence ??

Anonymous said...

I found your blog by coincidence and I want to correct your conceptions about Islam and Jihad.

Islam is a religion that calls for peace and that is the original message from prophet Mohammed may peace be upon him.
Jihad does not about killing or taking revenge on non-Muslims. It's about spreading Islam and it does not motivate killing.

Look I consider myself to be a religious and I have enough knowledge to say that Muslims today are oppressed and persecuted in Palestine and Iraq by Jews (leave politics aside) so who is the one calling for violence ??

كنّانه said...

I'm really sorry about what happened
I'm a Saudi man and I understand how you feel, it's just hard to find a serious Saudi man to marry. Don't blame them, the culture is very strict but the religion allows us to marry any other religions.
Not all Saudi people are like this, for me I don't care what women religion is, if I love her I will definitely marry her and tell my family she is the love of my life and I won't get married to any other women!

Finally I hope you enjoy your life, and please don't think all muslims are like your ex, believe me they respect women!

Anonymous said...

I think your ex boyfriend was just too good for you :) Good day xx

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

a saudi will never marry a whore like u witha loooose asshole from getting fucked in the ass hahahahaha fuck you

Anonymous said...

you are so stupid ,fuck your religion that is full of sick assholes all america have many christians allll are sick ,committing crime,dads raping their daughters,mmums killing their children,father getting his daughter pregnant and much more with ur stupid religion u whore

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Sharon Doroes said...

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