I wish not to concentrate my post on criticizing gipsies,i just want to speak about they as persons and about their traditions,but it's impossible not to say also about their strange habits.
 They've been part of my life and part of my childhood...they made me problems and brought tears.I think every little girl who lived among them had their doll or any other object stolen by a gipsy.Before,when kids knew to play outside(and not in front of the Pc) we used to go out and play with the dolls in the grass,on a blanket.Gipsy girls were for us like a sort of terrorists,they used to  threat us with beatings if we don't give them our dolls or necklaces.

 Gipsies have some particular strange habits:
 -they use to steal and cheat
 -they like to revenge
 -they are very opulent

 If you did something wrong to a gipsy ,be sure you are in trouble and you might find in front of your door at least 5 gipsies with swords.A gipsy must revenge,otherwise he cannot live happy.
 They love to show their richness,their weddings are so opulent,their houses look like castles so that everybody can see how rich they are.

I like they remained faithful to their traditions and even if they live among modern people,they stil wear their long colourful skirts and long hair while men wear  black hats, long mustache and lots of gold(included teeth made by gold).The gold is the pride of the gipsies.A gipsy without gold is not a real gipsy.They might look poor but they have kilos of gold and houses that you might confuse them with castles.Of course not all of them,some still live in tends or poor houses and use the cart with horses..Most of them don't work and this is even more surprising when you see their wealth ,the first question that comes in your mind is "how did they do to have all this wealth?". This is their mistery along with the mistery of the fortune tellers.
They have the talent to guess your past and the future.It's not a lie,it's reality,they can really tell you what you did in your past and what will happen in your future,but how? With the help of the devil.They considere themselves good christians and they say they work for God but our holy book and most of  religions condamn this practice.They enchant demonic sacre words so they can have this power.They can even destroy your life,some people when they hate somebody ,they go to these witches and ask them to destroy his marriage or lose his job.If that person does not have a strong relationship with God,they can succeed.
  In a specific day,when is full moon ,all the gipsy witches go to a lake at the midnight and also in the cemetery and call the spirits to give them power.
 I recommand everyone not to go to fortune tellers or witches ,first of all it's a big sin,second this is a dirty practice,don't play with spirits and demons and third they will take your money until the last cent.After they finish their ritual,they will tell you to bring other hundred euros because you have big problems and they have to resolve them.If you tell them you don't have money anymore,they will threaten you that they will make negative incantations against you and you will get sick or they put you to leave your gold there.
 Not all gipsies are the same,there are also good and honest persons and very talented.
 I apprecciate gipsies because their girls keep their virginity until marriage,this is a very nice thing,i have never seen a gipsy prostitute unless she is a modern one.
 Gipsies are gifted with a singing talent,they don't need music schools or to

learn the musical notes,they naturally sing so nice !!!

 Me in my gipsy video(might be blocked in some countries):


Doctor Catsburger said...

I know I don't like being married with Gypsy.

Noor said...

Hi Jardelle, thanks for sharing! I used to watch a mexican telenovela called "gitanas", it was quite an interresting show (with a lot of beautiful people in it, a lot of gold as you said), but i didn't thought it was really the way gypsies are living, and the witch thing is a quite scary...
Your video is gorgeous, i always wanted to have this kind of clothes (well i can't really go out with them, but still they are pretty), it makes you look like Esmeralda.
Take care dear, i hope you're fine!

jardelle said...

Thank you Nour :D
I think mexican and spanish gipsies are a little different than gipsies from my country but they wear almost the same clothes.The difference is they don't steal or at least not as much as romanian gipsies.

Noor said...

Maybe they are stealing because they don't have the idea of property in the community? I don't know, but they have a fascinating way of like (i feel like there is no "bullshit", maybe more freddom), but i think the day i'm gonna tell my parents "hey why not acting like gypsies?" they just will put me in a madhouse, because they are still not very well seen (In each country of Europe i went to, they always talk about gypsies like stealing people, with no manners). I think i'm just gonna keep watching telenovelas about them, it's more safe.
Have a good day Jardelle! Best wishes dear.

jardelle said...

The truth is in my country they are very discriminated and nobody gives them jobs because nobody trusts a gipsy.
Yes,they really have no manners.I’m speaking about traditional gipsies (those with long dresses,how I call them).They speak so loud and dirty,they don’t care about people around them, and many other things.
It’s better for you to remain with their image from telenovelas :D even though are many special and good gipsies also in reality,not all are the same.

Anonymous said...

I'm a hugarian, and here in Hungary there are a lot of gypsies. Most people hate them (me to), so sometimes they call us racists, but we hate them because of their behavior not because of their skin color. Most of them are abusing our governments social care system, by making a lot of children and some are harming their children (suffocating them with plastic bags) to make them handicapped, so they will get more money after them. All of are prisons are filled with them and the government still makes efforts to integrate them in our society. So all in all, we hungarians know them very well and I can't blame any of my kind who say that gypsies are the scum of the earth and they have to be extinguished or need to be put into forced labor camps...