Orange palms?Orange knees? For me,this is past.I can have a very natural bronze colour using a self tanner without to look fake.

 All you have to do is to use plastic gloves when you apply the tanner on the hands so that won't be necessary to wash them.If you wash them,you will have a brown body and white hands.If you wash just your palms,your hands will look like you painted them and you left a separation line between the exterior  part  and palms.

  After you applied the self tanner all over your body (remember : put a small amount on the knees ,elbows and feet) use the plastic gloves and apply  a small amount on  your hands (included fingers,between fingers and wrist BUT NOT ON THE PALMS)


  For persons with white skin,i recommand EveryDay Glow SunDial Self-Tanning by Banana Boat: you can choose how dark you want to tan your skin ,it has 2 recipients: one with advanced priming moisturizer for a subtle glow and one with self tanner for a deep bronze.If you choose a lighter colour,the 2 creams will mix together so you will achieve a medium bronze.