I would definetely say Freshlook Colorblends.

  They look very natural up close , they are more confortable, enlarge your eyes and they blend very well with my natural colour eyes.I would definetely say Freshlook Colorblends.

 True Saphire colour doesn't look very natural but the Blue colour It can barely see they are lenses.

 Platinum from Bauch&Lomb completeley change your colour,they give that icey look to the eyes but they look fake ,like doll eyes.

 Pacific Blue by Bauch&Laumb- i was happy with them first time until i got Freshlook Colorblends.They are ok too but Bauch&Lomb contacts give you a fake look,while Freshlook it's much more natural.

 My natural eye colour is honey to dark brown.You can see in the pictures the differences between the 2 contact lenses.

Freshlook Colorblends True Saphire

                                       Freshlook Colorblends Blue

Bauch&Lomb Platinum

Bauch&Lomb Pacific Blue