These are my new green lenses taken from 

I really love them,the shadow is very natural and they can change even the dark brown eyes.So if you want a complete change of  look, i reccomend you these contact lenses.They are also easy to wear and they fit perfectly with your eyes. I think they are very close to Aishwarya Rai eye colour.

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  Israel has been celebrated in my country in the Shalom Jerusalem (hello Jerusalem) festival. 
It was a great day: we listened to jewish music, ate jewish food, played games, learned some hebrew, wrote our names in hebrew, participated to conferences about the great contributions of the jewish people in my country,bought souvenirs, learned about the jewish history,etc.

It was a really special event for me because through jewish people i felt closer to the origins of my religion and is amazing to see live the people about God talked so much in my holy book. Seeing a jew is like seeing an ancestor of my Lord- Jesus Christ.
I cannot explain how much i love them because i know God Himself loves them 

"The days are coming,’ declares the Lord, ‘when I will bring my people Israel and Judah back from captivity and restore them to the land I gave their ancestors to possess,’ says the Lord.”(Jeremiah 30:3)

“This is what the Lord says: As I have brought all this great calamity on this people, so I will give them all the prosperity I have promised them."(Jeremiah 32:42) 

 “Therefore say: ‘This is what the Sovereign Lord says: I will gather you from the nations and bring you back from the countries where you have been scattered, and I will give you back the land of Israel again.’ (Ezekiel 11:17)

I was impressed by the purity of jewish men: they don't touch women not even for a photo.

Here is me at the little western Wall 

My message for the the jewish people

This guy wrote my name in hebrew

A red makeup inspired by the latest bloody events and by the expected future war....

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A message inspired by the cruel and unbelievable muslim reactions for the cheapest but realistic movie "The innocence of muslims".
For who haven't read the Quran yet Sura: 191-193 teach muslims to kill christians and jewish.

With the "mother of Christ" from Passion of Christ by Mel Gibson

 I had to make this surgery because i had some nodules under the eyelids and if i would have let them like this in time it could harm my eyes. Also my dad has this problem but his nodules are on the eyelid and this is another reason why i did this surgery now, because i don't want them to evolve like in his case.

Here is a photo with the stitches

I made an infection because of the stitches:

And this is now:

Today i found out that the doctor who made me the surgery died of heart attack....i'm really sad and shocked because he was a great person like most of the italian doctors...Rest in peace dear Guido!

The winner for my first giveaway is : Mouna Louly from facebook. Congratulations!!!
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Thanks everyone for participating , i wish to can give a dress to everyone of you...but stay tunned, i might do also other giveaways.

KISS !!!

What would you like to tell your fans about your success?
I don't think i have success or fans, i just have a group of people who like me very much.
How do you deal with haters?.......
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 I forgot to thank you all for voting me again the first one top 99 woman on the site top99women and also for the votes for the best blog of all time, best makeup blog, best hobby blog and the freakiest blogger. I was the winner but unfortunately it seems that is not a true site , they changed all the winners with other blogs (i guess they just make publicity for other sites that they weren't even participating at this contest).
 Anyways, until february i was the winner for 2011 and after that they changed everything, even the design of the site.
 I really apprecciate your votes and doesn't matter if i was the winner or not, i am thankful also for top99women but i think it's enough that i won 2 years, i don't want people to hate me for that :D so is not  necessary anymore to vote me again.